How does one develop so much self-hate?

How does one develop so much self-hate?

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I would hate myself too if I were born a flip

I guess he's so easily hateable that even he's doing it.

I don't get it.

he believes white people shouldn't eat Filipino food

How the fuck do you infuse mayo in a broth? It's fucking egg yolk, oil, an acid, and seasoning. You're either going to get weird oily lumps or weird curdled lumps. It's the cooking aspect of this that pisses me off the most.

ancient Chinese secret

>kids are assholes and this reflects on every (white) adult today
>I am furious at the bastardization of my native cuisine. I mean, I'm standing in a long ass line to eat there, that doesn't mean I won't bitch about it online.

If Chef Jeff's food is so bad, why is he waiting 90 minutes in line to eat there instead of cooking the authentic stuff at home?

guy is the very definition of salt.

chief Jeff is just that good
that's why he's also waiting in line

Why are they being told that there’s no more room when they already have their food and are at a table?

he's basically the filipino equivalent of that poo in the loo that was butthurt over Apu from Simpsons

The weirdest thing about this guy is how hard he pushes a pan-Asian narrative that really doesn't even exist at all in reality. An "Asian-American" identity only exists at all because of Asians broadly standing out in the US and adapting the original black/white divide several generations after their families originally immigrated here, looking for some kind of social cohesion along racial lines due to being a pretty small minority. The idea of a pan-Asian identity absolutely does not exist in Asia beyond some economic posturing and many Asian countries suffer from internal strife from minority cultures themselves. Indonesians, Hmong, and Japanese absolutely do not see themselves as being related beyond some geographical proximity, this is a strictly a phenomenon that emerges in non-Asian countries that have had Asian populations for several generations.

why are filipinos so cringy?

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you'd be full of self hate if you were from the country that made this

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>racist people used to hate my culture's food; this is bad
>now people actually like my culture's food; this is bad
Then what the fuck do you want, you dumb slope

The author wrote all the grossest stuff he could think up to make fun of white people. The joke is "white man bad, flip good!"

Same shit in Europe. You think a Brit would be happy to be likened with the French? Or a Polish person happy to be lumped in with Romanians? This faggot is retarded.

Ironically the only pan asian sentiment is "fuck China"

How is that self-hate?

Based and Joshpilled, fuck white men

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Even in Singapore, which is mostly Chinese ethnics, say fuck China.

>food is so popular that theres not enough room to serve some people. people love it, people praise it, people wanna eat it. even I wanna eat it
imagine hating urself so much

Imagine being so low in the feeding chain you take praises from npc barista-hipsters as genuine and sufficient.

He doesn't want white people injecting their culture into his. That restaurant Americanized the food to be more appealing to whites. Problem is he lives in the US which all about merging cultures together rather than segregating them.

literally all of this mans comics are
>mistreated by white people
>ffffuck white people
>mistreated by other poc
>fffffuck non flipflops
>mistreated by HIS OWN people

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well, that and the ones where he illustrates his revenge fantasy and draws all the whites crying and moaning the way he does
>t-thatll show those bullies to mess with me....

>Problem is he lives in the US which all about merging cultures together rather than segregating them.
This, would he prefer that America have strict segregation along racial lines where no cultural influence between peoples could ever be achieved? The fuck is his problem?

Think of this as vengeance for Jolibee ruining spaghetti

im p sure this man HAS no authentic filipino culture in him, hes raised in america and saw the cool rich filipino culture (not the poo in streets side, of course, none of that less than attractive stuff) and went 'mmm yes my people'

It's joking as to how Western takes on Asian cuisines are literally garbage

Sinigang is supposed is just meat and veggies in a broth made sour with tomato and taro

Lumbia is just spring rolls

Josh Luna is a little bitch

post more seething

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No one should eat Filipino food, it's awful.

Is it bad that the thing that annoys me most about this is how he's on the right side of every panel but the last one?

ur right, it took me a moment