Clone Wars Order 66


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What is it like watching cartoons as an adult?

Do you watch them alone or with your kids?

I really liked Maul's rampage

All right, shill, I'll pirate it and never talk about it again

Not OP but I got drunk and marathoned all of clone wars with the homies before school got corona’d. It’s good shit and Lucaskino
Also what is it like browsing 4channel as an adult?

Do you plebbit space alone or with your kids?

too bad there was no tension at all because everyone knew she was alive in Rebels

Far weaker episode than last week's. Why is Ahsoka such an emotionless bitch this season?

Go back to \co\

sad and pathetic

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Rebels is a show that exists solely to retroactively make other things in canon worse, what did you expect?

>too bad there was no tension at all because everyone knew he was alive in Raiders

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I don't think anyone even remotely cared about the timeline of Indy movies, user.

Hold up, does Temple of Doom preceed Raiders of the lost arc?

>implying anyone who watched Temple of Doom for the first time noticed the year title card

>Anakin's Dark Deeds kicks in

I don't care what anyone says, it's William's best piece for Star Wars.

is there a torrent?

Wish we would have more Sheev lines aside to as well as the line from ROTS. Though they could surprise us and put Sidious and or Vader in the final show. It was nice the hear Anakin’s VA interpret that line though.

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its just another form of entertainment. Id argue shows like clone wars are better because it gives you dynamic and grounded realism while at the same time being able to allow characters to do magical cgi stuff that looks real in their own universe because its already computer generated.
Mocking a medium simply because it has been used as a tool to entertain or teach children in the past is not a real arguement when it argueable has more artistic merit than real films because real films always use camera trickery cgi and "movie magic" to distort reality for the viewer but due to budget constraints or lack of technology the artist/directer are usually hamstrung by working with real actors.

When you can use animation literally nothing is off limits which is why i would argue its a superior medium.

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I liked that it was both Hayden and Matt's voices and using McDiarmid for the actual order.

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Not gonna lie - I'm a little disappointed Rex's chip wasn't removed prior to Order 66, either by his own doing or one of the other 501st clones like Jesse (it seemed like they were setting that up in the last episode).

Remember when Star was allowed to have cool male characters and not just Marie Sues all the time?

>no one dies to her sabers
fake and gei

What are you doing here?

Why are on Yas Forums and not watching your big boy shows?

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I feel like Maul beheading people and getting a trooper's arm severed made up for it.

I dunno... arm severing doesn't have quite the same punch when you live in a galaxy where you can walk down to the corner pharmacy and pick up a custom bionic arm replacement.

Yes it does.

I was curious about the Mandalorian and if they were going to at all show how the religion Mandalorian suddenly practice started.

Yeah you’d think somebody they’d fit it in somewhere as the tile of never taking off the helmet being known to the public is a pretty decent sized retcon.

I feel like that's being left for the show. I'm actually glad they haven't shoehorned this season into "Mandalorian: the Prequel"