Favorite sexy mascot?

Favorite sexy mascot?

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good taste but please be more respectful

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Uhhm how old is the salt girl again?


beat me to it h aha

Clearly an ageless immortal walking the Earth for tens of thousands of years.

Why won't she stop getting wet

She salts the roads when the weather is cold, to protect humanity from its own lust for speed.

Don't forget the 2018 version.

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I was going to post the old Coppertone ad with the little girl and the dog, but that might not be appropriate for Yas Forums so I will post Erin from E-Surence fighting with Flo from Progressive instead.

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Pretty sure this is obligatory

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poppin fresh without question. i want to fill that doughy boys fermented yeast hole with cream and put him in my oven asap

Knowing what Wendy Thomas actually looks like kills that right quick.

>actually looks like

Melinda Thomas-Morse, nicknamed Wendy by her father, Dave Thomas, who named his fast food chain after her. Wendy is a real person stupid. Just like Colonel Harlan Sanders.

she's 3D in real life (inferior)

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She a lot of 3D. Bitch be fat and ugly.

me when i'm going to heat some delicious meat squares

Behave yourself user.

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Oh God I forgot she's an actual person been much to acquainted to things like this

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i'm just trying to meet the quality standards of wendy's. the buns look soft and moist so everything is up to snuff.

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>Find picture of real Colonel Sanders
Jesus he actually looked like that

Far superior Wendy

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need wendy's beef in my mouth asap

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The worst thing about this social media inspired Wendy fad was that almost every piece of fanart aged her up about 10 years. No one had the balls to draw her as she actually appears on the logo.

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There is nothing else I can post for you on a blue board.

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Bovine growth hormones. The poor thing probably leaks milk all day.

Well, I'd hardly call her sexy, but the Koyama Press mascot is pretty neat. They had a whole load of artist do an interpretation of her years ago, if you hunted through them, there'll surely be a few sexy ones.

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This is what the REAL Wendy Thomas looks like......

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I wish each year was one frame of walking so all the versions could be put into a gif of her walking

such a shame only the a couple dared

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She likes her own burgers too much. Remove this beast.

i still would
but I also have a thing for past their prime desperate milfs

About 106 years old.

Fat chicks give the best head. Scientific fact.


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