What are your thoughts on Billy x Mandy?

What are your thoughts on Billy x Mandy?

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Mandy x Irwin's dick, is my ship, yo.

>shipping and making fanart of a kids cartoon that ended 11 years ago
You have a medical disorder.

That's why we're here, no?

As if you haven't. You don't end up on Yas Forums without doing so, yo. Suck my dick, yo.

It alright

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That's not why I'm here. I've been coming here occasionally for the past 3 years to discuss cartoons and I've noticed more and more sexual fanart and blatantly off-topic threads, most of this lewd fanart is of underage characters.
Absolutely disgusting board, you all should be euthanized.

>3 years
>Outing yourself as this new
Fucking lol.

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>3 years
>acting like an oldfag

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It's a good ship because they would be extremely horrible people to hang out with IRL, they both deserve only each other so that they don't have to bother anyone else with their presence

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Go back to whatever twitter circle you crawled out of then, faggot.

it's very cute

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>being proud of wasting time online
Twitter's somehow worse than this place.

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Mandy seems like the type who would keep any romance a secret.

I hear Billy is packin'

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Remember this shit tho?

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>most of this lewd fanart is of underage characters.
>Absolutely disgusting board, you all should be euthanized.

One there's a need for fan art more than ever to be "On-Model" and 2 younger generations are drawing way more mixed with anime you get =Hentai, mixed with On model = loli/shota.

>wasting time online

You're not really Yas Forums material champ.

Go pay for the something awful forums or something, you can be an elitist cunt if you suck some mod cock.

>3 years
lmao, get the fuck out of here you scrawny baby, tumblr and reddit are the other way, faggot

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Only in Mandy's worst nightmares.

Must be nice to be too young to remember the real degenerate stuff

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I don't like Mandy blushing.

They will never find love because Billy is so stupid he will drive any women he likes away and Mandy is such a miserable sociopath.