Homestuck 2

Regardless of your opinions on the writing, you can't deny that the designs are at least good

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>roses hair

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Pixie Cut isn't an inherently bad hairstyle, it's just drawn poorly thanks to the orb heads.

Yes I can. The designs resemble rejected concepts for New Coke. They are like an elaborate plume for a caterpillar, that evolved to compensate for them being too fat to consistently survive to adulthood and reproduce. They remind one of teenagers that your dad would laugh at you for courting in lieu of sternly lecturing you against it.

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Rose design is terrible, she was never a tomboy or a rebel before.

>or a rebel
did you forget her whole thing with saying "fuck the game", and blowing everything up?
Or how she rebelled against her mother to the point not getting that she actually cared?

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I hate it because the kids never got guardian sprites

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why did Homestuck get a sequel

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You want the whole comic like this?

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I like it

>ending had loose ends
>supposedly hussie had this planned since way before the end of the actual comic
>money and validation from strungalong fans
pick and choose

Yes, but with eyes and shit because unlike the guardians in Homestuck they’re main characters/not shrouded in mystery

Yes and if you don't agree you're a fucking mongoloid just like the people writing it now.

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I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a tomboy look, in fact she looks much more feminine in the sketch OP posted. It’s not like she can run around in a skirt while fighting a war

I am never gonna get over Rose's dyke cut.
Also triple checked.

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Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to reading this?
>Not after [S] Cascade

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point is homestuck ended ages ago and I will NOT accept this crap as related to it, no matter how involved hussie is
its un-american

>Rose stabbing John while he strangles her

>Jade and Rose daughter
>making her John and Dave's niece
>and the granddaughter of all the alpha kids
This is peak homestuck human, you're welcome

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So the original cast had kids in this story or what?

is that yiffi's silhouette? where is it from?