Rate my OC

Rate my OC

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Would fuck

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Fun fact, these were so bad, even Tumblr hates them

Sometimes I wake up with a burning pain in my chest and start seeing bright lights floating around, then i vomit.

Post Aaron Burr, sir

What the fuck is wrong with Tumblrtards?

forgot the fucking Main Character

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Mental illness

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just took the same character and changed the clothes

another outrage thread
begone fag

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I just don't fucking get it. When centerists and leftys will point and laugh at progressives aka sjws, then when someone points out they believe in the same thing they are laughing at they then accuse you of being just like them.

Like either it does or doesn't matter, you can't point and laugh at them making a comic with a strong feminist lead, then admonish people for calling out other comics with strong feminist leads.

they owned slaves haha

It's because a puerto rican guy (of spanish descent) made a play called Hamilton except all the characters were black. He then, unironically, said some shit like "brown people are included, we are the future" ignoring that Spanish Puerto Ricans owned the African Puerto Ricans. I guess it blows my mind that there are people who are Brahmins in India, being treated like gods, then they come to America and claim oppression because people don't suck their dick just for existing like they do back in the old country.

>statistics show they are demographically replacing us
>they say they are going to and intend to demographically replace us
>We get called out for saying they are demographically replacing us

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Oh i already knew it was based on Hamilton. I just wonder what goes on inside their heads when they make stuff like this unironically

>this proud sohn of a shepherd knows how to deal with thieving fed boys

>fag flags before their actual descriptions
I went to art school. These trannies think they are tough and hardcore while crying about how oppressed they are. I got two art degrees, but this faggotry made me go back to minimum wage for a few years just so i don't have to deal with them. It's so very weird how little their bubble is, literally no normal person acts like this, yet it's insanely toxic. I hope they break their wrists or get joint diseases for making my college years hell.

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Should we just make this an Ededdneddy thread?

Hey guys i'm a new character in town! Name's Carl! How ya doin?

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This is why we need bullies.

>Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and the Marquis de Lafayette were all gingers
>Get anagrammed

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If it's any consolation they tend to be self-destructive in the most maximum ways possible. (Not 41% memeing. I used to run clubs in college and was very social right at the start of this... nonsense. Essentially everyone I knew became some flavor of fluid or Trans, then dove head first off the deep end in to hard drugs, rough sex and 'self medicating.' I have a mental shot clock telling me the oldest ones have at best 10 years left if they dont change, and they wont because this is their "real self".)

What mental illness spawns this kind of stuff

Those characters would be amazing in a show with Jedi George W. Bush or Captain Texas.



the art is decent

i sometimes wish islam finally takes over my country so i can burn people like this at the stake


I swear I've seen tumblr art posted of transgender Eddy

No, bullies are also cancer and ironically the types of people who grow up to protect shitters like these because the "muh poor trannies" schtick gives them free reign to continue living out their sociopathic desires. There's no real solution for adults who choose to be fucking weirdos except to push them out of the public sphere.

They are the bullies, user.

Nope. We just need people who see them as weirdos. Luckily everyone does except the US and Canada.

Cute, would fuck.
Too nerdy.
Can't trust people with babies.
Looks like they'd cheat on me.