So I've just finished this series and I don't get why people have been accusing Disney's Atlantis of ripping it off

So I've just finished this series and I don't get why people have been accusing Disney's Atlantis of ripping it off
Besides Atlantis being the theme and the main protagonist wearing glasses, they are not that similar at all

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Before anyone says anything, Shinji looks like Nadia, not the other way around. So liking Nadia doesn't make you a faggot.

No the real crime is Simba being a rip off from Kimba, visually at least

The only good thing Hideaki Anno ever made.

Nadia is the most annoying character I've ever seen and makes me want to kill myself whenever she chastises people for not being vegan

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Doesn't Nadia rip off Jules Verne anyways?

can't rip off if it's public domain

There's a swath of bad non-canon episodes outsourced to another studio. She's less annoying if you were warned not to watch them, but still a prat.

I mean she’s a moody die heard vegetarian who got flanderized to all hell in the filler arcs

Nadia pulls stuff from a ton of sources. But still ends up a unique creation.

Someone made a 90 minute fan-edit of the whole Island Arc/filler sequence that removes all that, so no militant veganism, no complaining about being rescued from drowning and absolutely no thirsting over Nubian chad dong in Africa. I think it's on usenet.

There's a lot of similarities. I got 2 images, make your own opinion. First one is a little autistic in their explanation, just hang in there for 2nd image.

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Uhh, Lion King is based on Hamlet, retard?

So does Yas Forums hate Nadia because Miyazaki was involved with it?

What the hell does this mean

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What the hell is it with this guy and young girls falling in love with much, MUCH older guys ???

Lupin, Porco Rosso, Nadia....

Is it a fetish or a cope ? Either way why hasn't he been MeToo'd yet ??

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Nah, people don't hate Miyazaki's work. He's just grumpier and more bitter than Alan Moore.

but what about all those out-of-context screenshot comparisons of common camera angles and poses!

and 2nd. Just shows more character similarities etc.

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You can edit literally anything to look like that
Pathetic weeb cuck read Shakespeare

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a lot of these are either common tropes in fiction or really stretching

I actually lied I'm at episode 31, I have 8 episodes left to go

I had to take a break because this island arc is boring me to death

He might just have weird ideas that appear in his work and not be a creeper IRL?

I think it's kinda pathetic how far you need to go to try and shit on Disney
Don't weebs have any life of their own?

He's literally credited in the opening

>I cited my source so it's not plagiarism XD

English is known to have way too many words for the same word so translations get easily messed up, my guess is "mind" is supposed to be "think" or "dream" but i don't know the context. So probably closer to "Don't forget to____.

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It literally says this is based on the book

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>if I tell everyone I'm stealing it's okay XD

Do gaijins really

>bootleg Pikachu noises

All the art on the left looks more bright and refreshing to watch.
I have to give Nadia a go sometime soon.

Thanks, user.
I definitely won't be watching Atlantis if the visuals are so green, glum and depressing...

>i'm amerimutt i'm retarded it's okay XD