Shit design

Shit design

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Shit show

I don't watch the show, but I would fuck the one on the far right. And maybe the one in the middle left if she let her hair down instead of that weird tube pony braid.

Wasn't the dude who made this show killed by his wife or some shit like that.

Every RWBY thread:
>This show is such garbage, the story is shit, the characters are shit, the character designs are shit, everything about this show is PURE FUCKING GARBAGE
>see you next October for the new season

they're truly torturing themselves

His wife got a cat. He was allergic to cats. She wanted to keep the cat and convinced him. He went to get surgery to deal with his allergy to the cat. The medicine the hospital gave him he was allergic to and it was in his bloodstream insta-killing him. His wife got to keep the cat. The two other writers the guy worked with continued the show while his wife bitch.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a timeless classic.

No tree that's just rumors. Because she forced the surgery that killed him.

That's Yang and she is a lesbian and is dating Blake the cat girl next to her.

People just start these theareds because they get so prissy about how the show has a huge following. Now the fandom is divided because the show isn't following their headcanon. By killing off their edge lords, firing Vic, replacing Vic, and making 2 of the main characters into a lesbian couple.

On the other side it's people pissed about Clover x Qrow not being a canon relationship. Just because a artist on the show kept tweeting they were. Only to reveal it was just a bromance. Because they planned to kill Clover from the start to add more development to Qrow.

But because they feel ship baited they turned toxic for a minute. Some are still mad but have stopped sending hate mail to crewby.

>That's Yang and she is a lesbian and is dating Blake the cat girl next to her.
And I'm African-American it doesn't really matter in the end.

How would you abuse each of their semblances?

Ruby: Use her speed to go up to a target and attach a sticky bomb and use the same speed to burst out.

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>Thinks that makes a difference
Boy did you pick the wrong character to try that on.

is this an anti meme

>Listen honey, a new pet is literally more important than your health and our marriage.

I hope she at least killed herself out of guilt.

It was a previously-unknown allergy to an anaesthetic or something.

So this is what the ultimate cuck looks like.

So, he was just allergic to everything? Though, I imagine he really wanted a cat himself.

She tried to retain the rights to RWBY, but had no grounds for it.

Love is a drug.

Sometimes you're just allergic to shit. He should've doubled checked with the doctors though to make sure.

>Should've doubled checked with the doctors though to make sure
Ha. Like that would have done anything. I was in hospital last year for an operation and, repeatedly, I was asked what was I allergic to. Everytime I said morphine. After a dozen times of this happening, I was finally brought down to have surgery and, when they brought me back to consciousness, the first thing they did was inject morphine into me. Hospitals have a system and they struggle to meet people's needs.

Dude was a weirdo and his terrible health probably contributed. He was a notorious workaholic who barely slept and ate like shit.

What a grade A cunt

How did Weiss' hair double in volume when she braided it?

You should take some of this with a hint of salt. When all this went down, RT came out looking like grifters that didn't care about Monty except for when it was financially beneficial. This lead to the RT fanbase being split in two. The people who defended RT and the people who accused RT. I hate to both sides the argument. Both sides had little evidence for their views and could only exaggerate the characters involved in order to make their arguments seem valid. The fans only had emotional arguments and this impacted the rumours. Monty's wife is absolutely a piece of shit. But some people made her out to be a controlling, manipulative figure that was just using Monty. Despite Monty not exactly being loaded with cash.

>Clover x Qrow
God, that one is double retarded. Back in V5 one of the writers made a point of not making a one-off character gay, because they were going to kill him off anyway. They knew that their fanbase is retarded, and would throw a shit fit. Come V7 and their animators go on about how they specificly made their interactions in way that they could be read is gay.

>Ha. Like that would have done anything.
I had surgery done twice on my neck to cut it open. You were just went to a shit hospital and being a bitch.

Oh well, guess that leaves the hot blonde

Do they ship bait a lot or was this something new?

It used to be a fandom thing purely, and was kind of a joke. But BY caught on hard, despite both characters orginally being straight btw. Then VAs for BY caugth on and found it apealing, and the producers decided that baiting gonna give them more views. At some point they went "fuck it" and just made it official. Few would care if it didn't come to life at the cost of lots of fuckery concerning their characterisation and bunch of fuckery towards other characters.

I haven't bothered with RT since like season 5 of Red Vs Blue desu.