Sorry if this is the wrong board to post this but I've been wondering, who would win in a fight between these two?

Sorry if this is the wrong board to post this but I've been wondering, who would win in a fight between these two?

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Hal Jordan

If Saitama makes physical contact, he wins. If Ben can evade his punches through speed or phasing, it's probably a draw.



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People like using Saitama for vsbattles shit, but he just isn't a good character for it, simply because how powerful he is, is vague due to the storytelling
Like we can tell he's stronger than everything else in his setting and by a lot, but how much is unclear because he doesn't have any trouble beating any of them
but the things in his series would have similar trouble with other stupidly powerful characters
like ben 10 if he was just alien xing it up could delete Boros or Genos or whatever, so you can't use them as a good enough relative point for if he could beat them

Saiatama is only impressive due to the fact the whole OPM verse being conveniently build to be easy for him
>no intangible characters
>no telepaths to mind rape
>no molecule manipulation
>no reality warping
>no time bending
>no indestructible characters

Every hero or villain of this manga can be defeated through brute force alone

>can X character beat literally anime Power-Man?
Way to miss the fucking point

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words words words, he doesnt lose because comedy, thats it.

You, get a life, nobody cares, DC is edgy try hard baby shit even more than Ben10 ever could be.

Perhaps we'll get some of that with the final boss

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Saitama operates on Toon Force logic so he'd win against pretty much any serious opponent. Saitama only suffers damage when it's amusing for him to do so like a cat scratching his face or a mosquito biting him.

Only high tier toon characters like Droopy/Popeye, plot powered characters like Silver Age Superman, or mixtures of both like Herbie Popnecker really match, let alone exceed him.


That's not Blast.

First post

>whole OPM verse being conveniently build to be easy for him
I mean, that's the entire point of the series. the entire joke revolves around him being so much stronger then anything else that it replaces any tension with comedy. Its like trying to do a vsbattle with bugs bunny and a non comedy character like spider-man or someone, at the end of the day as long as its funny Bugs will always win no matter what is thrown at him. Bugs will always have an answer. So much like bugs, if there's tension to be cut by Saitama demolishing his opponents with a single punch then he's gonna win that fight.

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You sound really mad

He’s not Bugs Bunny, he’s just Jiren dropped into OG Dragon Ball

Ben, by default.
Saitama won't fight a kid.

>no telepaths to mind rape
saitama wouldn't be affected and wouldn't even notice it's happening
>no molecule manipulation
tatsumaki and fubuki, again, saitama wasn't affected
>no intangible characters
>no indestructible characters
>no time bending
these are not even common in anime, the universe is not "conveniently built for him" because it doesn't have fucking reality warpers and time travelers.
how would you go about making an indestructible character in OPM anyway? what would it be, what would it be built of? you act like coming up with a villain capable of defeating saitama is easy, name some examples.

>you act like coming up with a villain capable of defeating saitama is easy, name some examples.
Sosuke Aizen
Marshall D Teach
Yoshikage Kira
Monster Carrot

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you just named a bunch of random villains that are not even top tier in their own series. how are these supposed to defeat saitama?

In a couple of their cases, just by touching him.

how so? nothing has ever done physical damage to saitama

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*everything except cats and mosquitoes

He won against ace becuse darkness>fire i guess, but in marineford he got his ass kicked by dying whitebeard and Magellan.
Also his devil fruit only negates other devil fruit powers and darkness, but at the cost of feeling more pain and not being able to turn into that element.
The quake-quake fruit won't do shit to saitama either.
Also he's nowhere near as fast as him.
And he got hurt by gear 2 luffy.

There ya go.
So lets go down the list then:
Launch him into space, repeatedly in necessary
>Sosuke Aizen
Control his senses and destroy his soul with Kido.
>Marshall D Teach
Turn the ground under him into a black hole and leave him there forever.
Pull some sign bullshit and turn all his blood into snakes or something, I don't know, Orochimaru can just do whatever the hell he wants.
>Yoshikage Kira
Have his invisible cat man touch him once and turn him into a bomb.
>Monster Carrot
Touch him once himself, or alternatively, get punched, and turn him into a carrot.

Being "top tier" doesn't mean anything when your abilities specifically counter everything you opponent does.

Why does this thread exist
He's a joke character, even if a character was made out of invinsible gas he would still somehow beat him.

saitama doesn't need to make physical contact. he killed boros and destroyed a mountain with the afterblow of his punch
i don't know all of these villains so i'll have to go with guesses somewhat
>Launch him into space, repeatedly in necessary
implying he could even get close enough to do that without saitama just one-punching him, being launched into space has no effect on saitama. boros already did it, and only because saitama let him.
>control his senses and destroy his soul with kido
i haven't seen the anime but i agree the only villain who could pose a threat to saitama would be a master manipulator, since saitama has a thick spirit but is very dumb. shit like direct mind control wouldn't work though and saitama wouldn't even notice it happening.
however, most intelligent villains in OPM don't even count in Saitama as a threat since they misjudge him, and i imagine most planner/manipulator villains like the ones you named would do the same.
>monster carrot
an absurdly dumb villain like this is something actually possible in OPM so i agree there.
>Turn the ground under him into a black hole and leave him there forever.
saitama would just punch through the black hole
orochimaru would be a textbook easy villain for saitama lmao
>Haaa! You come to face me, the great Orochimaru? I've spent decades experimenting on humans, inventing and perfecting ninjutsu techniques. No ninja in this world can face me. Amateurs like you make me laugh. Perhaps I'll use your body for my next experiment.
>*yawn* I get it. Are we done here?
>You dare defy me? Forbidden techni-

i don't know enough about the other ones to comment

>implying he could even get close enough to do
Saitama is the one who has to get close to Accelerator to hurt him. Accelerator control vectors, that means he can control which direction Saitama's punch goes. it's not a matter of him overpowering his punch, he just automatically alters the direction of the existing force.

>saitama would just punch through the black hole
Going through the black hole just leads to more black hole. Not like he can fly out of it.

Being splattered into a bloody mess isn't enough to kill Orochimaru. Every time he should die he just does some vaguely snake like bullshit and then he's fine. He'll get one-punched. A lot. but in a worst case scenario he's just gonna keep coming back until Saitama gets bored and leaves. Orochimaru was so cartoonishly unkillable he went to Naruto's wedding. Naruto was hokage, and a planet buster my that point, but everyone just decided it was too big a hassle to try and make him leave.

That specific Ben wouldn't stand a chance.
He'd need Alien X or one of the time altering aliens.