Official Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 5 Thread

Today's episode:

>Batman's Back, Man: Harley Quinn and her best friend Poison Ivy aren't in this episode... which focuses on Batman waking from his coma and vowing to take back Gotham City.

Upcoming episodes:

>we do a flashback episode to Harleen and Joker’s initial courtship that is much more of an homage to Batman: The Animated Series

>In the second season we have a bachelorette party that is Ivy, Harley, Catwoman and I don't want to give away - there's one character I can't say. And then one of Harley’s childhood friends who's just like a normy from like back home, her friend Jen is on Themyscira because of some villainy had been turned into a resort. It’s a girl's weekend out, let's say.

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holyshit the episode already out?

If this episode sucks I'm watching Family Guy

Hope the mega is posted this morning once I get back online

why make a Harley Quinn show when you can have a batman or justice league show

Now i understood that reference

is it supposed to air at 9am EST

so in 10 minutes?

This show already has a second season?

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Anyone have a Mega for all the episodes?

Place your bets on Kiteman:

> 1) He dies from a big bad of the season.
> 2) Ivy dumps him (for whatever reason), but Harley and Ivy figure his stuff out and part with him in good terms.
> 3) He dumps Ivy.

I'd prefer the third option, desu. Many say that it benefits him and him alone, but it doesn't seem that way.

By what was shown, he's the one, like Freeze said, who does everything for the sake of their relationship, forced to lose things or get hurt.

He's insecure about himself and feels that life with Ivy is the only path that may lead him to a worthy future. Now he feels responsible to support her way throughout, all so Kiteman would remain the part of her life.

And by what was shown, she's not doing the same. Her leaving him at the venue, to basically lose his dream, should ring a bell. Right now, Kiteman is not 'the future husband', but more of an instrument that makes Ivy feel more socially invested.

It doesn't look that bad yet, but I bet that in the future episodes it's going to get worse, to the point where even he will start realizing that this is no good.

>there's one character I can't say
its the joker, so fucking obvious

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I liked todays episode, was the funny

new ep mega when

Here's the MEGA with all the Season 2 episodes so far:

And as a bonus here's Season 1:

inb4 this straw-man is posted in every single thread

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I don't get what this fixation that the left have on smiling. I've been told I should smile more and I didn't have a hissy fit about it, I just said ok and let it be. Is it another non issue that feminists?

It's just generally a cunty thing people say to women, because they tend to project their traumas onto them.

A) its a joke because BG did noting but smile
B) its a common sexual harrasment thing, telling females to smile and look pretty over just doing their job. Comes mostly from the hospitality indusrty when women are encouraged to basically act like sluts to earn money

Commenting on a person's looks and behavior without being prompted is a "micro-aggression".

Here, though, it's also mixed with being irrelevant (Why should Batgirl smile more? She's a crime-fighter, not a hostess at a restaurant) and with being said by a "critic" who (1) has not watched the show and (2) would only watch an episode of the show if it doesn't focus on women. So it's saying that "some" critics of the show are just misogynists and their criticism is invalid.

I don't think a single post in Yas Forums Harley Quinn thread ever complained that the female characters don't smile enough or that the show is focused on Harley Quinn too much.

But hey, as long as the writers feel that these are their critics, they don't need to make any effort to make the show better.

>The left
Jesus, the left wouldn't be going on rent strike if they knew they could live in your mind rent free.

>I don't think a single post in Yas Forums Harley Quinn thread ever complained
>that the show is focused on Harley Quinn too much

Jesus the butt hurt is worse then TTG haters. Why can't you all just let a joke be a joke.

>let a joke be a joke
Because the joke is designed to invalidate criticism as if it's all coming from women-haters who never watched the show.

People just say this to hot people. It's a way to get attention from hot people. And women dont want to give attention to anyone but select hot men and friends.

I know this because I'm a dude and two cougars at work pulled this on me. They would tap on glass and get my attention to smile.

I dont know who started it, but yeah, it's just a bottom of the barrel lazy attempt to start a physical relationship

Those posts said Harley Quinn is a bad character and that other characters in the show are better than her, but not a single post said a show called Harley Quinn shouldn't be focused on Harley Quinn.

basically this

Wow, word for word out of the play book

Damn, Alex really let himself go.

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>The revisionism is this bad
People have said that the Harley Quinn show would be better if Harley Quinn wasn't in it. From the very start, some people have wanted this to be the Joker show.

basically an idiot

you know men are also told to smile, it's a proven fact that it increases the chance of tips and shit.
no idea how smiling equates to acting like a slut

There's a real point behind it, but there's certainly an over-reaction in the direction of the idea that women should never need to smile or be positive. Pretty miserable.

you're racist/sexist if you don't like my product has been a tactic companies have been using for years

Because she is the least entertaining character. The same people would also say that Poison Ivy should show more or that they want to marry Clayface.

God this show sucks. Stop shilling please.

Post examples or shut the fuck up.

I never said she wasn't. I just agree with

This. My boss told me to smile always, and a female coworker had to teach me how to smile properly. They even wanted me to do therapy over it because i apparently had sad eyes.

Frankly the Joker sucks in this show too. But instead of confirming these imaginary posts that said Harley Quinn should appear less in the Harley Quinn show, ask them to go through the archive and actually find these posts.

They don't exist.

People complained that Harley is one of the weakest characters and other characters are more entertaining. That doesn't translate into "take Harley out of the show", it translates into "make Harley a more interesting character."

I was an example. But I slowly changed my mind.

to you it's a rational way to increase the quality of your work
to a woman it's the worst crime ever, because you told her she should do something

personally, it makes more since that Ivy is her own actual person, or make it about huntress, Harley is way too, or should I say barely interesting, I prefer the side characters, on how they are somewhat more funny, compared to harley, Ivys jokes are funnier than harleys, compared to "He fucks bats" to Ivy just fucking around with no cares, and being the realist in the group, with the fact that Ivy is pretty smart, as giving harley advice over everything

For example pic related. It doesn't say "take Harley out of the show", it says "make Harley more interesting"

So you wanted a show called Harley Quinn to be about the Joker? That's sad. Show posts where you said this.

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