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I don't use Yas Forums very often but I want to know what is the weirdest or most confusing things y'all have found here.

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I found a schizophrenic who harasses me, it is the most disturbing thing that has happened to me in the last month.

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What did you do to tick him off?

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An actual pedophile, who was posting child porn. People like that are sick.

Piss him off?
Why would I bother someone?
He's a mentally ill guy, I have no idea how that type of person's mind works, god knows
The homosexual problem, and the motherfucker is pretty nasty, is a disturbing guy

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I don’t venture into other boards that often but every now and again someone post about amphibian and it devolves into just porn about children

the weirdest thing I found is that people think naked pictures of drawings means they are real and have feelings

do you mean 3d or just 2d?

3d. I reported him to the police.

Go back.

Why did you go to specifically Yas Forums to ask this

Sonichu and Chris-chan

It's a fact that there has to be a question about what you're talking about just goes to show how much spergs overreacting really diminished the seriousness of that crime.

Why not the FBI's child exploitation agency?
Also, was it REAL pizza, or was the guy posting models. There's a spammer on Yas Forums that always posts models just to fuck with people, so he just gets banned and doesn't really get in legal trouble.

The /k/ deer fuckings

Umm Qasr


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>normie newfags tryna flex
This isn't Yas Forums related in the slightest.

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Barneyfag. I completely understand the temptation to go all-out sperg rage over something that most people would consider trivial shit, but the fact that he's managed to maintain the same level of autistic fury towards a little girls' TV show for ten fucking years is just mind-boggling.


He is literally autistic. His backstory paints him as semi-self-aware, but still autistic and not wanting to accept it. I could be remembering wrong, but his hatred of barney comes from being exposed to barney as a negative stimulus during special ed by other less functional tards. and then I'm sure he was underaged and still in school by the time MLP rolled around, and he degenerated from there.

Probably the tripfag who sucked off his fellow boy scouts while dressed in a girl scout uniform

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That Ed Edd n Eddy fan comic where Edd and Ed are werewolves (also there are vampires and zombies and furry Loki)
Glitter Kiss
Tails Gets Trolled
Andrew Dobson has


Just Weird porn and fetishes

Honestly, the most confusing experiences I have here are the really nice moments and discussions where I feel enriched and feel like I gained a closer understanding with my fellow human being. Not typically what I expect coming to this site.

this comic about a mother who forces her child to dress as anime princess. She also dresses as anime girls.

That self righteousness ia hell of a drug.It's 2020 and some of y ou fags still engage in circlejerk gripping about tired irrelevant lolcow like Dobson or Chandler. It may have been funny at first but obsessing like a retard for the last 10 years about those basket cases tell more about your own issues and sometimes it can be a hint that you're projecting your insecurities hard.Take the pedo who made the KiwiFarms (Joshua "Null" Connor Moon) ,turns out he's a hurtcore CP downloading jobless turd who still lives with his equally white trash mom,aint that something ?

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Man, I love possums.

The Grifter

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Is this weird?

This is literally the weirdest and cringiest pilot I came across on this site