Transformers 2021

The animated transformers movie from Toy Story 4 director is coming next year în august. Thoughts?

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>director of Toy Story 4

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>99% Humans
>Black girl main character
>Set in 80s or 90s
>Uses the cartoon transformation sound
>Trailer has 80s/90s music with neon lights
>Finn Wolfhard
>Tries to be like the Goonies + a few Transformers companions
>Military is villain

calling it

That was basically Bumblebee, though.

can't be worse than the Bay stuff

>The project is acting as a prequel of sorts to the live-action Transformers movies, and will explore the origin of the heroic Megatron and the seeds of conflict between the harmony-seeking Autobots and domination-loving Decepticons.

I'm really worried about this hitting Delgo syndrome
Setting it on Cybertron might alienate general audiences
These characters aren't animals
They're not "human"
Cybertronians have their own distinct culture and terminology that'll come across as too alien
There's a reason why movies with these sorts of settings tend to have a human character to be the audience's way of naturally learning about the world as they are learning it within the story itself
IIRC the Dark Crystal bombed because its world was so different for viewers
It was a fantasy world with its own races, its own history, etc
Unlike other fantasy with the traditional diction and glossary of elves, trolls, etc

It's an animated movie retard


>Toy Story 4 director
BIG yikes. Can't wait for this lad to adapt IDW's gay and tranny transformers. That ought to be fun.

hyped, not for the movie, with hope they might make another decent Transformer game spawned from the movies popularity , War and Fall of Cybertron where fun to play online.

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No more videogames because FOC flopped hard


Nobody cares

It’s a world of transformers, while it’s true you can only push alien world so much after the release of DK age of resistance I think kids would be fine watching giant robots murdering each other, plus their robots so no one will care if they go Axe crazy

>t. neckbeard waifufag


I hate to jinx it, but at this point there’s no way it won’t be the best one since The Movie.
>inb4 Bumblebee
The Cybertron opening was fantastic, the rest was Iron Giant but boring.

Bumblebee was great

It better look amazing like the cybertron scenes in Bumblebee

I blame activision for releasing FOC at the same date as fucking COD Black Ops II like the cunts that they are.

>>director of Toy Story 4
great, can´t wait for all the male tranformers movie to job to female once all the time and the main star to be some black girl

It really wasn’t though. It was extremely generic and boring outside of the Cybertron intro. The humans were boring, the villains were boring, the action scenes were ok but nothing that stood out, and the plot was literally Iron Giant.

can Transformers just fuck off for five years or so? we've hit peak exposure with those awful Bay movies and that borefest that was Bumblebee and I just think that's enough.
rerelease some old toys so those who missed out can get one, just fuck off from the ether of geekdom, please.

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Just your opinion dude, chill out.

Ah yes, thoughts on the next MCU movie user? I'm very excited too!!


Bumblebee was amazing though.

Fuck off

Transformers Devastation 2 never ever

FoC was so much fun it's incredible. I played it as long as I had a 360, then re-bought it on PS4, but it was dead within a week

Actually mad

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