„Boring“ female Marysues

„Boring“ female Marysues.

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Jean grey.

Fuck you

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Cassandra Cain is overrated!

Fuck off. She had language issues for barely any time in her batgirl run. The rest she spent being shilled as "muh next Batman" and the perfect successor. Cass a Mary sue shit.

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after Toph the only reason to keep watching was Zuko.

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>boring incel threads

She spent almost the first half of her run only ever winning pyrrhic victories or outright losing. Her being a Kung Fu savant doesn't change the fact that she still suffered emotional and devastating loss almost constantly. Being GOOD at things doesn't make you a Mary Sue.

Wonder Woman desu

Cassandra Cain is best left in the 90s. She's an anime waifu and little more.

You probably have a point.

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if only they weren't such writer's pets and the characters wouldn't get on all-fours for them. otherwise I'd be all over them.

then again their respective shows aren't that good sooo guess it was not meant to be desu

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you obviously didn't read her series, she made tons of mistakes when she was batgirl


based Spock punching this bitch right in the face

the only she gets away with anything is because Peter lets her.

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I don't like Cassandra Cain/Batgirl.

I've tried. Believe me. I've read most of the issues, thanks to a friend who's a big fan. But I can't bring myself to like her.

A big part of the whole 'Sue thing is that everyone immediately likes them, regardless of their actual likability. Not the case with Cass, besides Bruce, who only takes a quick shine to her because he sees a reflection of his own autism. On the contrary, she makes pretty much everyone she encounters either uncomfortable or creeped out.

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oh look guys it's another thread where someone loudly admits they don't read comics. nice.

easily the biggest Mary Sue in comics

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Shes a stupid mary sue, unlikable and poorly thought out.

Invisible Woman

only when she's in radical feminist mode

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No, shes always a Mary Sue.

nigga what? She's everything damien waynes wants to be and damien has the relationship with his father that cass always wanted. She's a great character

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Hate her so much. That annoying Mary Sue.

This so much, she is a literal mary sue, it looks almost intentional.

Bruce neglects Damian most of the time. Hell, Dick was a far more affirming father figure. Damian also has a shit-ton more flaws than Cass ever did. That's why he's such a divisive character.


How is Cass a Mary Sue?

I like casses relationship with steph and babs and I thought that the dynamic that she had between bruce and babs was good. I like her relationship with bruce because she;s already everything he looks for in a robin and he has to help her learn to be a person not a fighter

Slott is a fucking hack.


>That's why he's such a divisive character.

She really isn't. She headlined the first Batgirl series, which lasted years. She's only been torpedo'd this past decade because Didio is a spiteful cunt.

>she;s already everything he looks for in a robin
MARY. SUE. Yeah we get it, Cass is le perfect ninja waifu. Her only flaws serve to make her look cute and endearing.

dont talk shit about my autismfu

´Cass is still shit.

I was talking about Damian. Your reading comprehension is worse than your waifu, Cassfag.

I liked how she was fine poking fun at her own blindness.

I honestly don't remember the last time I despised a character as much as her. She's a fucking degenerate Cancer snitching horrorshow.

>got flaws
>mary sue

Her "flaws" aren't really flaws, they are just quirks beside her pwning at everything vigilante-related.

They aren't flaws that make her interesting or dynamic or, hell, unlikable. That's what makes her boring when compared to a character like Damian.

>Her only flaws serve to make her look cute and endearing.
If you like getting punched in the face by your friends a lot, maybe.

Oh? And can't she dodge that like she can apparently dodge fucking bullets?

Mary sue isn't just a character without flaws, a Mary sue can also be a character who's flaws don't actually do anything to the character besides mask the fact the character is still poorly written wish fulfillment

>Her "flaws" aren't really flaws
Are you shitposting or something?By your logic Spider-Man is the most Mary Sue fictional character ever created.