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Ben 10 thread
Let’s discuss the last good, long running, action cartoon

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Original series was the only good ben10

Upgrade and Upchuck are the best

Nah, Grey Matter bro

Omniverse was also good

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Okay how about this we compromise with XL-R8

Upgrade is the best. With him and Greymatter in their how the fuck did ben not do some crazy shit

Imagine if they went with the original concept

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My niggas

The one where its actually alternate versions of ben where evolution was different?
It wouldn't have been popular but fondly remembered

Are you talking about the multiverse Ben team up at the end of Omniverse, Ultimate Ben, or the concept of ultimate aliens?

Whats your favorite omnitrix model design wise? I like Ben 10,000's omnitrix that covers his whole forearm

Nah the original concept from what i remember was not aliens. The original concept was that ben could transform into alternate universe versions of hinself. Each version was in a world where humans evolved differently

Hal Jordan

>Ben 10,000's omnitrix
Always liked it. As a kid thought it was something the omnitrix would do. Slowly take over the body of each weilder. Killing them and adding them to the collection of lifeforms for the next holder to have.

When I got this and later the ultimate version I thought I was literally god

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Oh damn, I don’t remember that one. It’s been so long since I’ve seen American cartoons because of how easy French and Japanese ones are to come by these days. I thought this would be the best jump back in point that isn’t indie shit, so I haven’t seen the show in a long time

The reboot design is unironically based. You can tell that the art team has passion for the show but some executive is making them design the characters that way

I actually watched a bit of the reboot it isn't that bad despite being a comedy show the action is fairly decent and its funnier than the other reboot of classic CN cartoons. Hell it even has some pretty unique and cool ideas like the vilgax transformation thats prettt badass

Here’s some cursed concept art for canonbolt for ya

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>Ben 10

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I remember ben 10 mostly because they unintentionally made gwen so hot that they tried to undo it with each sequel

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Zoomer memories

>made gwen so hot that they tried to undo it with each sequel
ah yes the one to awaken my loli fetish
>cool ideas like the vilgax transformation thats prettt badass
I always wanted to see that transformation but it turns out its literally a copy paste of vilgax so it dont realy see the point

Like this more

Omniverse ruined Ben and his supporting cast. Derrick J. Wyatt so badly wanted to revert it to cartoon from animated series that he broke the franchise. He trashed all of the developments and did stupid crap like naming an alien after a CNN anchor and making it all a damn joke. Nowhere to go after than reboot.

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it fixed a lot of retarded bulshit from ultimate alien that's for sure

Alien Force and Ultimate Alien moved Ben, Gwen, and Kevin forward. Omniverse moved them backward and smushed them.

They made them all uglier in Omniverse. Though Gwen really got it rough.

>Omniverse ruined Ben and his supporting cast.
It actually fixed Ben and a huge part of his cast, Alien Force made him bland and mary sue ish just like his cousin and kevin and those changes were completelly off panel and never explained, they are no conflict between them because they had no personalty differences or flaws to clash, most of the villains were also turned into generic serious badass characters with the same bodytype, they even tried to push a literal mary sue future ben to replace the previous one for no reason other than wanking ben.

Alien Force was a fanfiction tier disaster. Omniverse fixed most of those problems.