Look what you did, Yas Forums!

Look what you did, Yas Forums!

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Last thread died because there's nothing to discuss.
Trannies suck, theft is wrong, anybody that disagrees is a sociopath or a communist, we've already established this.


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Fucking Mary Sue cunt has superpowers now!?

It was put on autosage because mods think trannies should be above criticism.

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Which one is the bigger asshole?

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I guess Medics are either undeprivileged or not risking their lives like those other guys.

The person that thinks a comic with no joke is the best place to, express an opinion as if it's going to change people's minds.

She's not wrong


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Essential services workers would face the exact same situation under any other single economic or social model.

I honestly don't get the focus on the trans thing. The artist can be a douchebag by themselves without needing to bring some phobia into it.

They kinda covered that already with "nursing staff"? They're all kinda screwed but at least the medical is actually needed while shop clerks could be doing food orders from a safer distance. Particularly when some america have no regard for the rules because "I'm covered with jesus' blood!"

Are you really depressed if you can muster up the resolve to make a comic, color it, and upload it online? Or are you simply desperate for attention?

If THAT particular comic makes you think that wackadoodle Labelle is an asshole, YOU are an asshole.

What Yas Forums did? oh please, it's what twitter did, specifically Oney.
Yas Forums hasn't been "influential" for a long time (not influential on purpose, at least), and Yas Forums is certainly the least influential of them all, at least relative to it's size.


Money isn't everything, user. Doctors, especially specialists, make a lot of money, that is true... but for that, they come into contact with sick people constantly, or have to deal with tragedy all the time.

Yes, Labelle. If it turns out that transsexuality is a treatable condition, it should definitely be treated.

Dear God. What an asshole.

>I honestly don't get the focus on the trans thing. The artist can be a douchebag by themselves without needing to bring some phobia into it.

to be fair she brought it in herself
most people attacking or criticising her, some of which ARE trans, didnt even know she was till SHE HERSELF started going 'this is all an attack against me. im a trains woman getting rape and death threads everyday on this day on the lord'

>portrays self as unlikable unrepentant asshole
>waaaaaah why are the internets so mean :(((((
Its gotta be autism right? Being completely unaware about how human emotions work.

>Its gotta be autism right?

Maybe. But plenty of neurotypicals display similar entitled behavior. The stereotypical valley girl thing.
Used to be we just called that 'being spoiled'.

Meanwhile I am autistic and I find this cringy as fuck.

Not when I shift into fully automated luxury communism.

Privilege? Literally a shit tier artist making a living off their cult of celebrity?

60% of all doctors are either in private practices or are personal or staff physicians that don't service the public. They don't have any part in the ER's revolving door of everyone that has anything wrong with them. Which comes before considering ther are hospitals that are actually doing the minimal rational damn about exposing their staff and not.

Based mods trashing your shitty bait threads.

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How is acknowledging that transgenderism inherently implies a subset of mental illness a phobia though...?

Some of the moderation team are unironically discord trannies.
Its to be expected.

>Make awful tranny comic
>Everyone hates it
>I know, I will make a furry instead

I genuinley don't harbor any reformist ideas but I am broke. Still I agree that I can't see any payment model that wouldn't have the same ultimate result. You can enforce a higher pay rates for these employees. But that just changes what the minimum for them is. Which is the best case scenario.

The current understanding of gender dysphoria is that it's more of a developmental disorder than a mental illness.

It's called therapy user

I think its more that if your not already fully set up for yourself in life you are kinda screwed. The only people who will be doing well now are people who where already very rich before.

Work more hours
Get more pay
There I fixed it for you

So they're basically autistic kids that get caught up with obsessing about being a girl over trains
>developmental disorder than a mental illness
What's the meaningful difference if they exhibit similar maladaptive behaviors?