What did she do in her mortal life to turn herself into a demonic devil doggo?

What did she do in her mortal life to turn herself into a demonic devil doggo?

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Fuck a dog

Nothing Imps and Hellhounds are born in hell.

She contracted syphilis.

Furthermore, it seems like Hellhounds and Imps are made with purpose in mind. Imps seem like your basic worker until whereas Hounds are literal attack dogs. This would explain why she is such a bad secretary.

Cute paws.

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Am I a failure as a Footfag because I don't like pawed furries.

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Yes this is Loona the receptionist of Based Inc.

What can I do for you?

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Begone, sparkledog filth.

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Hey Loona, what kind of panties are you wearing?

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Take some penicillin

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She ether wears nothing, a micro thong or lacing but tries to keep it secret.


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I thought this character was trans? So she must’ve been male on earth.

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Committed genocide in the Belgian Congo

Fuck the hotel, I want more Loona and her loving Imp Papi doin more demon stuff.

You're assuming there's some kind of underlying logic to this bullshit.

And why no one would take an imp starting up his own company seriously. Except the demon lord that wants to fuck Blitzo.

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Nah, no trannies in Helluva Boss

Also checked.

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>Helluva Boss

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People are going to end up thinking about the world of HH and HB more than the creators themselves. I can already tell.

Joe Rogan got fat

if she was human shed look like the kinda girl that fucks dogs

I can believe it