Would it have been better?

Would it have been better?

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It would've been gayer, but cuter.


>fandom gets infested with fujos
>Yas Forums complains about the show even more
Nobody wins.

I'm not into this pairing/premise but Guy Star's vest is kawaii

Easily yes.

ha no


Actually, yes?

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dude's aren't going to put up with other dude's shit like that. Cute girls get a pass from everybody except the most bara of women hating fags

that only means he learns his lesson sooner

This is why you will never see actual male x male representation that isn’t some shoehorned side character. Every woman is bi, but almost no man is, so you aren’t going to get people on your side.

I think most people would be fine with a cute shota couple. I'm straight and I would like it.

Couldn't have gotten any worse

The fujos win.

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It would make their relationship makes sense, it would explain why Star didn't want to tell him about her feelings until she had to go away, it would explain why they were so confused about being together even though they were dating with a lot of other people and would explain why Marco couldn't get interested on Jackie at all.

>tfw no edit of the full comic to match this image

Life is suffering

now it's just Dude, That's My Ghost but with fantasy instead of supernatural shenanigans

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I mean, Fangbone was essentially SVTFOE but with two males and was boring because they were just bros without being gay.
If Male Star had a gay relationship or/and cuck time with Marco it would be good.
But since it seems it would be everything is the same but no gay it would be just Fangbone that's afraid of giving to the 2 mc a love affair

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Very much yes.

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Fanbone was boring because the characters were bone, bros can be fun, just like at Futurama and Adventure Time.

Why does male Star have lightning bolts cheeks instead of hearts? Did the artists think hearts were too gay? While they're literally drawing him being gay?

You might've already known this, I really can't tell if you're also referring to the show, but in Mathmagic which shows a canon male Star he has lightning bolts. The fujoshi are just taking the design direct from the show, but yeah, it seems the crew did think hearts were too girly.

Before that episode, there were a lot of complaints that fan designs for R63 Star looked too girly, mainly because most kept the hearts and headband. When Mathmagic aired I remember people were actually glad that it went with a less girly cheek design and the horns on a baseball cap instead, because it looked more like something a guy might believably wear.

Lightning bolts are cooler anyway, especially two lightning bolts

From a pure ratings standpoint, dear GOD no.

I have nothing against homosexuals. But the fact is they are the minority. Most guys that want to see a gay couple are gay or bi. And there's simply not enough of them to support a major production.

Also, and here's the hard truth, about half of America is now gone off the deep end with conservatism. So a Disney children's show starring two homosexuals? LOL Oh yeah, why don't you just ask Disney to throw money in a fire like they did with the live-action "Black Hole" or "Mars Needs Moms".

If you want to make a gay show, do it. But keep the budget appropriate to your audience size.

well for starters they'd have to make star more likeable because they wouldnt be able to pass her obnoxious personality trains as off as 'quirky xDD'

Fangbone was awesome

But needed to be more gay