Where is my power armor genre?

Why is this not a thing in comics? This topic has been used in books since 1959, but it does not exist in comics. The Japanese have their own mecha genre, why can't we have our own genre based on the tastes of Western public? And don't tell me about Tony, he could be counted, but his arch-enemy is a Chinese dude with magic rings, this completely destroys the atmosphere of fantastic militarism. Actually, there is no atmosphere of fantastic militarism in the comics about Ironman because it is a superhero comics, he has his own laws of the genre.

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try some Halo comics?

Did they change anything in the comics compared to the game? Because in the game its more advance vest than full power armor.

nah, they're mostly pretty faithful

There's a Starship Troopers comic called Dominant Species that's introduces powered armor to the movie universe. It's pretty sick and not too long of a read.

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Lore MJOLNIR is a lot more high tech than how its shown in the games. Not quite like Heinlein though, but it expands a lot more on the armor. Some of the books are actually very good, but I havent read the comics. Ghosts of Onyx is top tier, and the Kilo 5 trilogy is great if you want spooky spy shit where ONI operatives try to arm alien jihadists for political reasons. The forerunner saga is cool if you want super high tech scifi with dickhead retard aliens.

Power armor is definitely a trope but I dont know if theres enough to make it a true genre. Its more just an expected part of military scifi.

You talking some 40k Space Marine stuff? I would say there is a lot of works that have it or similar. Like Halo or Doom, mostly videogame characters as an excuse to do cool videogame stuff. In comics its not big mostly because helmets cover faces and juggernaut armor looks evil.

>Red Eyes manga
>2000 – present
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Yeah, well, this doesn't stop anime and manga, but for some reason it stops western writers. Or more like Western comics writers are self-righteous assholes who are completely disconnected from public demand.

Saban successfully made everyone in the west who sees power armor immediately think of Power Rangers which ruined it for everyone.

Mecha anime suck, especially Gundam shit. Its pointlessly grimdark or some weird mystical shit that makes no sense. Why does nobody just have fun with piloting stuff.

Also mecha aren't power armor.

>Also mecha aren't power armor.
He's not saying they are, he's saying the west should draw parallels from the mecha genre and have a power armor genre.

However, your first point is exactly why thats a bad idea. Tropes can only be played out so many times. Mecha as a whole is generally very boring and uninteresting. Its less of a medium to tell an interesting story and more an easy way to cash on out that weeb money

We had a western show like that called Centurions. It was weird boring and the hot chick was in space, so really gay.

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>Mecha anime suck, especially Gundam shit.
Horrible opinion.

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Man power armor used to be so much more popular, especially in the 90s. I kinda forgot just about everyone had armies of dudes in power armor back then. I remember in issues of Superman there were Lex troops flying around whenever a big threat appeared in the city. Then there was that big Batman suit and also the Beyond suits. Old characters like Ironman and new characters like Steel were always duking it out with other powered dudes.

>Mecha anime suck,
No, it's you who suck.

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>Mecha as a whole is generally very boring and uninteresting.
Coomer detected.

Man, this show's ending was just fucked. It was the equivalent of watching the Romans put down a slave revolt. Except the slaves were the main characters, and it turns out they barely mattered in the grand scheme of things. They literally only got to live because the villain used them as leverage to basically hold their patron hostage.

Power Armor is for Pussies!

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Only good Mecha was Zoids

Said Gary Sue in plot armor.

Looks good.

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Sauce? Who's the redhead?

>Why does nobody just have fun with piloting stuff.
>user never watched G Gundam

>but his arch-enemy is a Chinese dude with magic rings
They're alien tech.

Power armor is harder to draw than naked people with genitals removed and painted blue. And once that type of comic took hold in the US it was hard to remove.

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>Only good Mecha was Zoids
What about Vandread and The Vision of Escaflowne?

A fuckton of superheroes wear power armors, most notably Iron Man and Blue Beetle.

This, even batman puts on power armor once in a while

First - it's not power armor, but some magical bull shit unique per hero and not launched into the series. Second - see the OP post and try to understand what Fantastic Militarism means.

And never wear again because reason. Do not claim that the accent is on power armor in the episodes where it happens, usually you do not have a detailed description of the armor and normally it is shown as useless.

First, power armors can be magitech (and other weird shit like in G Gundam where they're mecha huge)
Second, "Why aren't there more Fantastic Militarism comics?" is a different question than "Where is my power armor genre?"

Actually, where the fuck is our western mecha genre?

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