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lost his parents when he was 8, from that point of his life he begins his journey to become a batman - he trains martial arts for all his life, under such masters like R'as al Ghul. He studies forensic science. Before he becomes batman, he infiltrates criminal underworld in undercover for several years. He creates his tactics of operating as batman, his gadgets, his suit. After all that effort and around 15 years of arrangements, he becomes batman.

YOLO, gets kicked out from Wespoint for being gay, then spends few years in Gotham as a roastie and thot, taking drugs and heavy drinking. One day she sees some vigilante and decides to become one. After a year of walking around in stolen battlesuit, she takes 2 years of sunday karate class called "intensive training with her dad's special force friends" .

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Not everyone needs a Batman or Punisher backstory to be a vigilante, she was lost and found out being a hero fit her personality and ideals like a glove.

S-sure, 3 years of training karate (after years of ruining her health with alcohol and drugs) and a boot camp was sufficient to become a batman with vagina. Because it's that fucking easy, especially for woman.

>daddy is a cop
>decides she should be a superhero
>get's shot in the spine

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I think the Batwoman tv show has a better origin for her honestly.

And I can't believe I'm thinking that.

3 years of training is a lot specially if she is talented at it.

>be a circus performer
>that's good enough to fight crime

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Good writing.

Also her being Batman's cousin is literally just a huge coincidence.

Wasn't she raped in the military? Pretty sure she served

I like it, sounds like an actual vigilante backstory, fuck all this soap opera bullshit.

He was trained by Batman as well.

Why make a Batwoman thread if you've never read Batwoman?

Obviously you never had anything to do with martial arts.
In karate after 2 years of training you have green belt, 6 kyu. That means, you aren't even half way to get your first black belt.

not as long as Batwoman was trained, and he was literally a kid.

Martial arts are useless to street fights irl, this shit only works under several rules forbidding the players from doing anything other than specific moves.

In fact every single street fighter superhero makes no sense at all.

But about time and training , you can skip several belts if you're skilled enough.

She never actually got to serve, and her desire to do so in any way is her strongest motivation to become Batwoman.

Still, he was acrobat all his life, being raised in a circus. And he is a SIDEKICK. It's batman that does heavy lifting.

And he was never portrayed as anywhere near Batman lvl.

Carry Kelly in dkr is just some random chick who becomes Robin with no training.

How different is it?

By the time he's an adult, Dick has been a vigilante for almost 10 years. Before that, he was a prodigious athlete. He might be slightly younger than Batwoman, but he has a hell of a lot more years of experience on her.

That's the discussion for another thread - are martial arts really effective. I'd say yes and no.

As for skipping belts - not in good clubs that are members of World Karate Federation. There are strict rules of who and when can acquire his first black belt. But that's discussion for another thread too.

>he was acrobat all his life
and? What does that have to do with fighting crime
what's he doing being a vigilante anyway?

My point is that comic training is unrealistic for most characters. If anything Batwoman's is on the more realistic side of superhero origins.

He was trained by Batman before he ever fought crime, and when he was younger Bats shielded him from the worst Gotham had to offer until he was old enough to handle it.

No. Dick as a kid fought the joker. In Robin year one dick gets beat up a lot.

It means he had a natural edge starting off his training.

He became a vigilante to bring his family's killers to justice, same reason as Bruce.

...and that means he had proper physical preparation for acrobatic stunts he does as vigilante. Not to mention that kind of training developes your strenght and agility necesarry for being a proficient martial artist.

>what's he doing being a vigilante anyway?
HELPING batman. That means he does things that don't require batman's level of skill.

> If anything Batwoman's is on the more realistic side of superhero origins.

Drinking and taking drugs? Sure.

Her mother and sister were killed in a Joker attack after Batman fails to save them in time (actually sister was taken by a psycho in the confusion and mentally broken into Alice) and she becomes miserable and has a broken relationship with her father as a result. Then she goes to West Point and gets kicked out for being gay, so to prove she's not a total failure to her father starts training with specialists in an attempt to join his private security company.

Few years of this training, she returns to Gotham around the same time her sister now the villain Alice does, and since Batman mysteriously stopped opperating a few years earlier she decides to take over for him instead.

Also she sucks starting out and is still not that great and the show frequently likes to point out she's not the multitalented genius Bruce is and needs a tech guy and medic to help her out.

It's still pretty bad all around, but it at least gives her Bat appropriate drama cuts out the years of just partying and being useless, gives her better motivation than just seeing Batman and wanting to be him and justification for operating (Batman's no longer there), and also shows that she's still way out of her league despite her better training than the comic version.

They never said how long she was training - and since she didn't age a day after being kicked out from West Point - I'd say it's 2-3 years tops.

And let me remind you that from day 1 she could fly with batman's cape, using his grapling hook and batrangs level master, because this is what they teach you in Special Ops, right?

She trained for 6 years. She started training in 2013 and the show starts in 2019.

Even though she looks the same in the flashback it's been almost 10 years since then as Kate was born 1990 making her 30 years old at present.

Yikes. Where all that muscle mass went then?
Ruby Rose is like the worst choice for batwoman. She's like 170 cm tall and weight 44 kg. Imagine her trying to hang a guy that weights 100 kg upside down on a rope (as batman does).