What's the most autistic Yas Forums-related fanbase you've ever been in or met?

What's the most autistic Yas Forums-related fanbase you've ever been in or met?

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Superman fans. Power wank galore, I saw one trying to say a lawsuit was because Superman was that strong

This is your average Star Vs fan


That's funny cause I was about to say Batman fans

I would say Star Wars fan but I love that wiki. Probably MLP either way.

keep seething supercuck

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Also, fuck bronies, long live pre-2015 Yas Forums and Old /mlp/.

>SU Fandom
>50% of the RWBY Fandom
>Hazbin Hotel fags

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In all three cases most are coomers who make up an artificial fanbase of not caring for the show

Yeah thats a overlooked fact that most people don't realize.

The Tankies. Fans of Thomas the tank engine, their Twitters are so filled with drama, when the show is so calm and peaceful.

>Old /mlp/
MLP was fucked from the start, MLP generals were fucked from the start. The show might have been good at some point and might have positive aspects, but the fandom was cancer from the start and the fact that it rallied around Equestria Daily which is run by unapologetic pedophiles should tell you all you need to know about the fandom.

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That one little girl show whose name cannot be spoken.

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The Simpsons fandom. People study that shit like it was a masters degree.

>tfw "muh prep time" still never beats Superman in an actual fight

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I refuse to believe /mlp/ is or was anything more then an ironic joke as it originally started

Didn't know Thomas fans were Stalinists


They say that MLPs always had male fans, even in the 80s. I can't even imagine being a gen 1'er. People must've thought they were fucking pedophiles.

>n-nooooo! I-i need muh sunlight to be OP!

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>long live pre-2015 Yas Forums
Reminder that this site has never been good and your nostagia has crowded your views of it.

>NOOOO I need muh 6 billion dollar suit and gadgets to be even slightly useful to people with actual powers

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>w-why nobodys reading my shit comics??Everyone thinks im boring and too OP...

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more like nobody reads comics anymore and the current run of Batman is pretty eh

Steven Universe and Adventure Time. All too often I just see one or the other chimping out about something in a thread completely unrelated to their show. The "Steven's Law" thing isn't a theory, it's scientific law.

>mfw simpermen and batkeks can't go 5 seconds without humiliating themselves

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>says the GLcuck spamming ben 10 threads for 11 months straight nonstop

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Loudfags. As soon any sister gets a love interest, they create fanfics and comics where Lincoln cucks and murders that love interest, they go to the extreme of animating how Lincoln or the sisters murders them in the gruesomest way ever. They also seem to hate Mr Loud for some Oedipical reason.
The dial goes up to 11 years Bencuck.

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That is such utter bullshit. Every real Superman fan I have come across was always talking about his character and not his powers. Either you're baiting hard or flat out don't know about the fanbase. It's only retards who care about powerwank

Superman's power level is central to his character.

I have never seen a single Supermanfan say "remember that time Superman punched the big strong man and he made him look weak" they only ever talk about stuff like this you know showing decent humanity in spite of his godly power

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>im gonna spam the threads for 11 years!
Ben didn't win the Deathbattle but he definitely won the battle inside your head. Rent free

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that webm gives me a headache
something about the way the page is scrolled and how it is recorded in a high framerate with the top bar standing still just seems...off