Are videogame tie-in comics ever actually good? All of Udon's Street Fighter and Darkstalkers ones are shit...

Are videogame tie-in comics ever actually good? All of Udon's Street Fighter and Darkstalkers ones are shit, Injustice is embarassing and those Mortal Kombat ones (both the original Malibu ones from the '90s and the new rebooted ones) are trash.

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>those sequel leaks yesterday

When are creators going to get the message that nobody actually likes this whole SUBVERTING YOUR EXPECTATIONS shit when it's just done for the sake of it.

Dead Space ones were all right, they did a decent one for Carver before 3 came out. The art was pretty good from what I remember.

Mofos were doing it for shock value...

I liked the Archie Mega Man comics. But that wasn't exactly tied in to any specific game.


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Its cheap drama writing that they want to pretend is a deep commentary on something they pulled out of their ass when anybody with a brain can tell its lazy pandering and shitty writing.
The leaks portray it as playing out as a soap opera with how retarded the twists are.
Its not like TLOU 1 was much better but at the very least it didn't go full retard and have this amount of damage control.
There's certainly brainlets crying about muh gays, but there's more an undercurrent of people pushing back against cheap corporate art narrated as groundbreaking.

The Ratchet & Clank mini was fun, even if the art wasn't my favorite. The Sly Cooper comics they did to hype up the second and third games were also fun and they were even acknowledged in the games themselves.

How the fuck can someone transition genders during a postapocalypse anyway

Is that character actually trans or is it a woman who is somehow huge? Cause I don't know which is more stupid.

TLOU 1 was just Old Yeller with a happy ending I think most of us assumed that the second one was going to go straight for the walking dead in terms of story structure it's a damn shame they seem to prefer the show to the comic more

TLoU2's Raiden is actually a transwoman.

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How do you even die to a tranny? Just tell it to dilate and it will kill itself.

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Fuck you nigga DC MK comics were great, much better than both video games

For years the sjw complained that our women characters were men in women's bodies. Their solution is to make women into men in men's bodies?

>woman who is genetically the saviour of mankind
>Is actually gay
>gets killed by a trans woman

How did twitter react?

The footage that was leaked and the text synopsis that was DCMA'd are being near-universally shat on.

The source is apparently a disgruntled QA tester who felt they were screwed out of a bonus they were promised by Naughty Dog.

Whats the punishment for something like that? Do you think he signed an NDA?

not a tranny just ugly and technically we dont know if the ugly one kills Ellie just that she gets really really fucked up by her

You'd absolutely get taken to court for something like this, but they don't know who did it. The story goes that the higher-ups stooged the whole QA department.

I imagine he's agreed in writing to pay an amount of money he doesn't have to a company that never paid him that much, which he doesn't want to work for anymore and it won't come to anything beyond blacklisting them if they are ID'd and their Bankruptcy.

I heard it was a fan from the Brazilian translation team

Team Fortress 2 comics are the best.

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how is that both hilarious and heartbreaking? Who wrote this?

>When you accidentally misgender a tranny

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This gave me the feels.

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Tf2's comics should be studied as it's the perfect blend of humourous and dramatic. It'd be a nice change of pace from Whedon styled storytelling.

I heard the God of War comics were decent.

no but I think they're voiced by a tranny

trying to conceptualise this gave me a head ache.