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not WB's video or channel

Not really the point,

WB has reached dangerous levels of based

Literal npc behavior dislike videos like this. I'm really not one to call others npcs but that is the definition of it.
Same types of people that want to destroy things like hitlers car cause muh nazis bad.

>promotion of christianity
>criticism of vices like gambling
>black girl and blonde girl happily walking hand in hand
>slave merchant is a villain
>beautiful curved black bombshell showing black can be beautiful
Honestly these are not bad. Stereotyping, yes. But then so is a lot of the 'black' rap music put out by non-black producers these days. Only difference is these actually promote good moral values while a lot of rap does the opposite.

Personally my favorite is "Sunday Go to Meetin' Time".

bro how are you this much of a fucking newbie

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So are you going for "racism is bad" or "lol look was ok to laugh back then"?

>something happened over 80 years ago
Imagine being so bored in life that you have to research stuff decades old and over just to be mad about. As if there isn't enough shit going on to be pissed off about.

It's ok to laugh at it now only faggots and losers cry for blacks over jokes.

>Banning depictions of black people in heaven
Wow, I didn't know Mormons ran WB. Someone should get celebrities on this.

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>Kit Kat Klub
>Degradiation of the soul
>Uncle Tom's Mission
>Trying to save niggers from themselves

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Coal Black was hot


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>cartoons made during a more racist time were more racist

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>even racism used to be less degenerate and bad

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There is no such thing as "racism".

we know
we don't care
grow the fuck up

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Watch Rickety Rocket. Not racist at all.

depicting the truth through animation is racism now?

I don't get the gambling jokes.

You really weren't supposed to point that out


Maybe Jews aren't so bad

Where are the racist cartoons today?

Blacks are the only race that gets upset when reminded of how they look.

>caricatures and stereotypes are always negative
They're comedic. I don't understand why people get in a tizzy over shit like blackface. Its inherently funny because of how outrageous it looks. But no, its mostly white people being offended on behalf of who they percieve to be defenseless lesser people and over-compensating over individuals understanding these things with any form of nuance or genuine human emotion.

>implying race relations aren't about as bad today as they were back in the 60s
Nigga we had BLM riots barely a couple years ago and you want to pretend they're not just as racist as the KKK?
Racism and prejudice never goes away. The only thing that changes is whether or not it is in vogue to act on the irrational impulse and hatred of others.

>Nigga we had BLM riots barely a couple years ago
user blm was almost half a decade ago
were you in a coma
let me catch you up, we have the son of a klansman kidnapping mexican children as president

Maybe they're parents should have kept them in Mexico if they didn't want to get "kidnapped"

>seperately holding children of people committing crimes is somehow a crime
>people that are not legally citizens deserve the exact same treatment as native law-abiding citizens
/legalistic bullshit
To be frank I've basically unplugged from the media circus because its just constant depression and shitty propaganda, regardless on whether you want to suckle trump's cock or not.
I just think its a brainlet opinion to act like racism and prejudice magically went away and only suddenly made a comeback just because yet another random white guy got elected and the powers that be outside of his sphere of influence have a vested interest in discrediting him so they can get their own random white guy on the throne of the presidency.