Muscle girls are the best

Muscle girls are the best.

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Whose the dude with the titties next to Jasper?

The villain and main character of The Last of Us 2

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Attached: little smile big girl.jpg (567x478, 97.45K) least Ellie probably grew up normal. Unlike weird tiddy man there.


Ellie won’t be growing up anymore bro. She’s dead.

He/she beats Ellies face in and only spares her because her wife is pregnant. Also kills Joel.

the person who beats Joel to death with a golf club and the real protag of Tlou 2

You all better be fucking trolling

I wish, the story is a shitshow and sequel baits hard

nani sore

The game isn’t even out yet nice try.

Also not co related

It's so real that Naughty Dog is flipping their shit over it.

a ton of cutscenes leaked and then naughty dog confirmed they were real like retards

>Trannies reeee
Nothing wrong with her taking revenge on white messiah joel and Ellien Page

user...go on Yas Forums or twitter...

Fuck this. I refuse to believe this. Sounds like a stupid fanfic.

>like 2000 humans left

>a fuckload of them still gay and tranny

Statistically it makes no sense.

Maybe it doesn't, but it doesn't gives you the right to be LGBBQTphobic either

A disgruntled QA tester leaked footage of a dev build to RetardERA because he was locked in a payment dispute with Naughty Dog (he claims they screwed him out of a bonus he was entitled to). The whole cringey lesbian pandering this from that initial E3 trailer is right at the forefront of the game and the villains are strawman fundie Christian cultists.

Fuck the alphabet.

What has Google done to you?

Without the inherently CIS society weighing them down, more people feel comfortable coming out. Also since the setting is a 'strongest survive' sort of deal the marginalized have an edge already having lived under tyranny; this is why the central """"""""""antagonists""""""""""" of both games are powerful women.

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i think you meant to spell "hero" user


It's a male to female dilater


Of course the dude who likes cat boys would love trannies.