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Really fucking wish she'd come back. I understand her shtick would get REAL old if she were a more frequent character, but I don't care.

They didn't even replace her with anyone, either. I guess they just figured Francine doesn't really need her own friend/friend group.

>I guess they just figured Francine doesn't really need her own friend/friend group.
That's a fundamental problem American Dad has. The extended cast isn't fleshed out enough and it's only gotten more whittled down over time. Steve's friend group works super well, and it makes Francine and Haley's characters feel super hollow in comparison. Even with Stan they either killed off or reduced the screentime of all his work buddies. Now in the recent seasons they're realizing how empty the town has become so they're resorting to creating Rogu and shoehorning in Tuttle every other episode.

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Most sitcoms have that issue. The focus had to be on the main family and their dynamic, any side friends get lost in the mix and bring the focus away more often than not. That's why it usually ends up just being the core group

didn't principal lewis got pushed strongly but people reacted negatively so they pushed him back to the background?

Seems to be a problem with mom characters in general, it's actually kinda a hazing test to make new writers write a Marge episode since she has almost no character or friend group to play off of. They usually just hang out with the other moms which is somewhat realistic to a point, but most adults have friend groups independent of their kids and are likely to have friends of many age groups. I think the show might be slightly better if Francine kept a job where she could at least have co-workers

Yeah, it's a big problem on The Simpsons too. Compare Homer and Bart's social circles to Marge and Lisa's.

Maybe I'm just spoiled from Gintama. It has SO many characters and does a great job of tying them in with the larger cast. They even have it so that maybe a third of the episodes are centered around a side character instead of the three main characters.

>They usually just hang out with the other moms which is somewhat realistic to a point, but most adults have friend groups independent of their kids and are likely to have friends of many age groups.

You're right. A lot of times the writers will throw Marge in with a bunch of other adult female characters but it never feels like "Here's Marge with her friends." It feels like "Shit, we need someone for Marge to bounce off of. Quick throw in some dames." They could have easily given her a consistent friend group with characters like Maude, Luanne and Ruth.

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I think the problem is ANY character that gets pushed usually becomes a sex crazed junkie possibly in a misguided attempt to replicate Roger. Bullock and Lewis seem like the biggest offenders of this which is too bad, because there is clearly a lot of funny stuff to use for them without having to resort to "lol drugs and sex haha."

Then again, I find Tuttle tolerable as a straight man to the Smith family's wackiness so maybe I'm reading this all wrong.


Wait a second she's actually fucking dead? I just thought you made this thread to lament her disappearance, I didn't realize they've actually stated her to be dead. That's really damn lame.

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A lot of people died on that bus crash from the episode Hayley married Jeff, it's honestly hard to keep up unless you're an active AD fan and not a guy who just lets it play on adult swim in the background while you sleep.

I feel Francine works best with Stan she can be a foil or he can be a foil and it still works

She was on the list of people who were sucked into that black and white TV show in the latest season. I'm not 100% sure but I think she was in a background shot after that episode so she might be still alive.

Don't worry, no one's ever really gone

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Her death is only offhandedly mentioned in passing by Roger

Haven't watched the new seasons but I always saw it as
>Steve has his friends group
>Haley has Jeff
>Stan has Bullock and coworkers
>Francine and Rodger will usually play off someone else

She hasn't had a speaking role for 10 years

And it was weird. It just came out of nowhere.

I'm pretty sure she's alive, she made a lot more sense during the Bush years and before YT atheism infected Seth. Her character was meant to poke fun of Stan's weird xenophobic attitude towards Iranians (since Iran had nothing to do with terrorist attacked on America since the 80's). I think we've lost the Stan being an 80's nostalgic TV CIA agent as a major angle. Man I muss the Bush years

I was thinking about Fresh Prince. Jazz was the only real side character. Everyone lost their friends as seasons went on

I have feeling we're still going to see her in the background regardless because the joke would be it doesn't even matter since she hasn't had a speaking role in years.

There must have been an issue with the VA. I wonder why they didn't just recast her if that was the case.

She also appeared in the giant Rogu episode

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>I wonder why they didn't just recast her if that was the case.
They WOULD have done that, which shows that it's not the issue. Seems they just lost interest in her and had no ideas for her gimmick of having a one-sided crush on a married woman.

the new episode wasnt good, it was a neat idea but idk just wasnt funny with roger insisting on stripping with no stripping

>It looks just 5% better than family guy

This season hasn't started off well

I think she could still be relevant after the show pivoted away from Bush-satire. In the last episode she had a major part in there wasn't anything about xenophobia. It was all about her being a adorable dork with a crush on Francine. They could've built off of that and made her a good foil to Francine's wackiness. Maybe they could even explore the more sexually open part of Linda's marriage. Bob was pretty nonchalant about hearing she kissed Francine other than being upset he didn't get to watch. And I'm pretty sure at some point later we see Bob getting blown by a dude in an alley.

I think the biggest problem with her shtick is that it would have created an unwanted dynamic between her and Francine. Francine is married, and if the writers were to give their friendship focus with the one-sided crush in there, it could have had Francine's relationship with Stan suffer as a result if her relationship with Linda came off just as good or better. Look at Steve and Snot were their friendship that borders on homosexuality - if Steve was still with Debbie or some other girl, Steve's relationship with Snot would look closer in comparison.

Apologies for the short ramble, but I do see a reason why her character could have been dumped.

I don't know, I kinda liked Roger's passion with his style of stripping like he was some unappreciated genius.

While I was watching it I kind of expected the board to hate this episode because while we constantly get threads lamenting the lack of big titty waifus in Yas Forums media most people here are unable to accept anything short of full frontal and throw tantrums when all they get is light teasing.