What's with the sudden uptick of Marvelman popularity in the mainstream?

Seriously. First he was pretty obscure (even by comic fan standards) and recently you have Donny Cates requesting tons of fan art of him and recent YouTube videos that get hundreds of thousands of views, amongst other things.

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That probably means they have something planned and they've started to mobilize the social media and stuff.

Superman is dead, long live Marvelman

Actually Marvel buying Miracleman was the worst possible fucking thing to happen to the character.

1. They recolored the original stories and censored them for "bad language" (IE saying n*****") and they sold for shit.

2. The HCs they released also sold for shit, so much so that they dumped the entire back inventory for the three Alan Moore HCs onto discount outlet store Ollies, back when they dumped all of their unsold SJW era Marvel trades there due to them not being able to sell them in bookstores or comic shops to free up warehouse space.

3. Furthermore, Marve only got into the quagmire of untangling the rights to Miracleman because of the fact that Quesada wanted to torment Todd McFarlane and because Quesada

A. Wanted the rights to them, thinking they'd be big selling evergreen books, ala Watchman and Dark Knight Returns.

B. Wanted to get on Neil Gaiman's good side and have him write stuff for Marvel

4. It turns out, after YEARS of saying he had everything planned out for the rest of the Silver Age arc and Dark Age arc, that Neil Gaiman was a lying sack of shit and had NOTHING planned out save for a paper thin outline for the rest of the Silver Age arc and a vague set-up for the Dark Ages. And since he finally got Hollywood to let him into their clubhouse, he's been too busy to actually write the remaining nine issues and is allegedly, embargoing reprints of the last three issues of the original Miracleman series, so they can be 100% redrawn and most likely rewritten, since Neil has a huge fucking case of Trump Derangment Syndrome and will most likely use Silver and Dark Age to give a "Fuck Trump/Fuck Brexit" tirade that will finish off killing the Miracleman franchise.

Marvel fucked up not a fat softcover volume of the Moore run (sans extras) and then an omnibus with all of the bonus stuff from the reprint series.

Also, the Gaiman run always fucking sucked. It's only appeal is it's status as having never been finished; had it been completed, no one would have cared about it.

>Trump Derangment Syndrome
stopped reading there
Dear Leader recently suggested drinking bleach...

I’m glad that Marvelman’s getting more reconigtion, but I worry for his personality, especially with Marvel’s history of poorly treated characters.

Also I would kill for a proper run of Marvelman.

It's nice to know that in the last 20 years, you haven't changed much, even though I still wonder if anyone on those forums you used to go to even know you post here.

Joe Quesada broke down his Morrison issue on the Marvel Youtube channel



Does this mean Gaiman will finally finish his shit?

>Donny Cates
there you have it, the King of Comics asks, his world listens

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Beautiful art right here.

It's a shame modern comics began rotating artists so heavily. I miss when a full run would only have one or two artists.

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The fuck are you talking about? There is 1 recent video about him on youtube, all others are like 1-3 years old

Agreed, I miss having run where the beginning and the ending were drawn masterfully by two distinct but great artists, similar to Miller’s DD or Simonson’s Thor.

You know what I just realized? Disney is going to make a PG-13 Miracleman movie with quips and an independent black woman as Miracle Woman.

It wasn't a Marvel property before. Marvel always wins.

That thought actually scares me.

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Sometimes, I wonder why someone would be racist and sexist. Sometimes, I wonder...

Can I tickle your toes?

>Neil has a huge fucking case of Trump Derangment Syndrome and will most likely use Silver and Dark Age to give a "Fuck Trump/Fuck Brexit" tirade that will finish off killing the Miracleman franchise.
seriously? fuck Neil Gayman
I realize now how annoying it had to be when comic book tards made fun of Reaggan constantly

>stopped reading near the end of the post
lol, what a cuck

frankly, at this point the ship has sailed, so hopefully, not

it's a residue to when a person is constantly being called racist and sexist. at some point such person actually wants to become racist and sexist out of spite


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Kys, faggot

Seriously. Kys.

Seriously, dilate if the truth offends you