Old cartoon

Old cartoon
>Protag gets the girl and lives happily ever after
New cartoon
>Protag gets cucked and dies alone

What happened?

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1. "Subverts expectations"
2. The main characters is usually a white male and corporate is hesitant to make them gay so the writers take their shit off on them

Agenda-pushing weirdos got their grubby paws all up in the industry, yo. Shit is whack.

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A creator got cucked and it became the new norm


>Kuzco caring about getting the girl
doesn't he have harem

He’s picky

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What a Finncel

The Emperor's New School was weird.

"Hero gets the girl in the end" stories is probably what caused the current incel movement tbf.

>Come along with me......

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Only real reason to be angry is how bullshit this is when they're supposed to be good friends.

It’s a gag, it’s been done for years

Name one example other than Adventure Time.


he wasn't the protag. And he was a bitch

He’s not the protagonist. Korra did get the girl.

Right I was assuming he was the main side lead.

Mako was always a side character but his importance was increasingly reduced in each season.

Gravity falls

finn, mako and marco had a good thing going and they fucked it all up because they wanted to have it all. they get no sympy from me.

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Regular Show

Implying that when they're ready for a kid they woun't get him to get them pregnant.

Did I just hear "good friends" ?

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At least china is still doing it.

Rigby did get the girl
Mordecai caused all of his own relationship problems but did still end up married with kids

They don’t need him for that

The point of Dipper's crushes on Wendy and Pacifica is that those would be terrible relationships. Dipper only lived in GF for like three months it would never work by any stretch of the imagination

China is honestly so based and the reddit-tier hate for them on Yas Forums is just jealousy

Huntress Wizard was way better and younger than those 3000 year old hags

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>The point of Dipper's crushes on Wendy and Pacifica
Dipper never crushed on Pacifica

Yes he did he was just less autistic about it

It's criminal she didn't get more screentime. Even in the limited time she had, she managed to become better than all the other girls combined at that point. Also she went from implied lesbian to straight, which is interesting.

>Yes he did he was just less autistic about it
Maybe on a comment in a official book.

but it's not an established character so a lot of people (mostly the ones who participated on the shipping war) don't call it a win.

she's barely a consolation prize. didn't that spirit basically gave finn huntress wizard because he was bored of her?

>both girls got the girl
what are you mad about? thats like four times as much girl per girl

Only one guy in OP's pic is a white male and many anons wouldn't count him as "white", considering he looks more jewish than Adam Sandler

When did Jewish people stop being white? Sandler is the whitest guy ever

Three of those are Disney and Star and Mraco ended up together

Jews both are and aren't white depending on the argument the speaker is trying to make at that moment. Same with some European ethnicities.

except if the protag is also a girl

people wanted marco to have a harem ending.

They weren’t hot enough, user.