Is Brian the morally worst character thats not one of the chaotic degenerates (Quagmire, Herbert, Adam West...

Is Brian the morally worst character thats not one of the chaotic degenerates (Quagmire, Herbert, Adam West, Peter) in Family guy?

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Adam West was a fucking Saint how dare you!

The worst of brian is his tiny penis

Every character in Family Guy is the worst, there are literally no good characters in that show.

Chris is ok.

He killed people

Him being a piece of shit doesn't make the other different pieces of shit less shitty

>Wants to fuck his mom
>Has fucked his sister or at least became extremely intimate with her (Meg asks if he wants to "practice kissing again," has said "their" bath is ready)
>Allowed Herbert to molest him as payment for living there
>Gets boners from some animals

None of that hurts anyone

That's the least terrible thing a Family guy character can ever do

Yeah but there's an episode where Quagmire calls him out so it's all good.

>Town rapist calls out Brian for being a mildly hypocritical douche.

Quagmire is literally the worst person they could get to call Brian out. He talks about he wants to bang Peter's wife when Quagmire himself tried to bang her as well AND his daughter and tries to pass off how he's "at least honest in only wanting to hook up with a girl to have his way with her" like that makes it better

God damn, this show has changed so much since I last watched it.

He knowingly gave a baby herpes, so yes.

It should have been Joe

Jillian? Her worst flaw is being a moron.

and beastiality

It would have been GOAT if it was Joe

If it passes the Harkness test, it's okay to fuck it.

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im pretty sure there was implied in an episode that stewie molested someone

whats wrong with cleveland?

>its ok to fuck a parrot

>Polly want a cracker? No, Polly wants a big black dick!

Awfulness is not relative.

I kinda thought Lois was. She goes along with things, tolerates behavior in her family and neighbors, that should send her running for the hills.

He cheated on his girlfriend.

He is generally pretty good, though maybe he was more terrible on his own show.

>Make a new show with a side-character.
>Merge the character's personality with the personality of the original main character.
What did Seth mean by this?

they also 'did so much' at that halloween party (in the closet).

>look at OP's pic
>see it's called "brianblind.png"
>don't know the episode but instantly know this fucker must have taken advantage of her blindness to get in her pants
I'm right aren't I?

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but this episode was mediocre as fuck, much like all the epiosdes from this season.

In an episode where Cleveland becomes a psychiatrist, Cleveland accused West of faking his senility so that he could behave like a monster and do all sorts of bad shit, while hiding under the guise of said senility. West admitted to Cleveland he was 100% correct and threaten him and his family if they told anyone the truth about him