Questionable Content

Something almost happened. Quick, divert.

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Look at Martens face
That is the look of a man praying she failed so that his anus might stop being ravaged and one day begin to heal and regain its full functionality

I've been bombarded with "You're beautiful" memes for so long that seeing Marten enthusiastically anticipate sex with Claire seems out of character. Then again, I chubbed up to.

Fuck off geoph where's the robots

Is that supposed to be funny?

Now, one might ask why he would be going along with it instead of reading the results right away and hoping that the ravaging might end.

The answer is simple: He would not have had a choice in the matter.

its funny that the tranny is the ugliest character in the whole comic. it even beat out the fat alchohic lesbian.

How much do you think you would need to pay the creator to end it with a note from Martin saying he only dated this thing because of societal pressure and he was a weak man, last panel is a shadow of him swinging by the neck.

Enough to cover Jeph's rate of $10k a month for the rest of his life. So about $10k.

You know when you're gay its not just nonstop anal damage 24/7.
I do LOVE getting rammed in the ass really hard.
Getting pounded and letting my body spasm in ecstasy.
But I'm not going to do it so frequently and intensely that I physically wound myself.

She looks like a freaking Muppet.

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No robots = not terrible!

Not as terrible as usual.

I can't believe Marten is raping Claire like this.

Claire used to be cute.

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Don't you normally get nose reduction surgery when transitioning, and not whatever happened to him to look like he does in the OP? Did the nurse piercing get infected and it's swollen now or something?

You know, for a while there he was actually drawing her like a near-passing MtF and I honestly find that andrgynous look far more attractive than whatever the OP is supposed to be. It's like a completely different character.
...Damn, I'm gay.

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picture unrelated?

>remembering the height of the tranny fucking craze
>that one page where marten is drunkenly scratching claire's head and literally giving her an orgasm
I want to go back.

It's all so tiresome

The worst part is that if you go back and read the Trappening in one sitting it has a pretty good pace and build up to Marten and Claire dating.

We got another one, lads.

I have been reading Questionable Content for fourteen years.

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It's a good build up and then Marten wakes up, realizes what almost happened, and then becomes Rico Suave and they start dating like it's nothing. I understand that Jeph wanted a hassle-free start to the relationship but he missed out on having Marten actually trying to figure out his sexuality and attraction. At that point there's no conflict.

Remember when Questionable Content was good? Probably around the time Jeph was self mutilating.

Does she still have a penis?


QC unironically introduced me to Mogwai and Medeski and Sigur Ros and a half-dozen other indie bands. For that I am grateful. It was a good comic to read in the late 2000s as a college kid.

Now? What is anyone getting out of it? I'm mostly here by inertia.

QC was never good.

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I mean, for fuck's sake, the man used to actually recommend good music.

What happened? Where did the magic go?

He started taking medication and cleared up his mental illness.


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