Let's have an actual discussion about the merits and deficiencies of both the Tangled and Frozen franchises...

Let's have an actual discussion about the merits and deficiencies of both the Tangled and Frozen franchises, since they're often compared.
Which one has the better character development, overall plot, design and songs.
Tech can be a valid talking in point too but it's kind of unfair considering the time gap between movies.
Why do think Frozen made more money?

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Tangled kind of restored confidence in WDAS after Prince and the Frog flopped and what had otherwise been a decade of irrelevance next to Pixar. In between you had Winnie the Pooh, which was well received but pretty niche, and then Wreck it Ralph that also built up more confidence but it wasn't a princess film and the subject matter was a bit strange. Meanwhile, Pixar was starting their decline with Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters University. So Frozen just hit a sweet spot for being a Disney film AND being a princess film.

>Winnie the Pooh
Do they just make Winnie the Pooh movies out of love?
I don't think any of them has made a substantial profit if any at all.

Semi related

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purely anecdotally, Frozen had better advertising.
when I saw ads for Tangled, I got the impression it was a Shrek clone and steered clear.
Frozen seemed more like a traditional princess movie, so I saw it (and loved it).

All CGI Disney films shouldn't exist since they have Pixar and no Disney film since WTP 2011 deserves to exist

user, something similar happened to me, I saw this big banner for Tangled on a building, the one with both characters covered by Rapunzel's hair, and it looked Dreamworks as fuck so I just ignored the movie for like 3 years.

Maybe? That last one sure did feel like a passion project. No one saw it but I heard nothing but good things about it.

Those early marketing campaigns were TERRIBLE
I too didn't even see the movie until years after the fact

What a relief that the ads lied that time around

Really? Frozen 1 advertising, especially before release, was trying to be like an animated romcom.

Tangled is better quality storytelling by a light year, but Frozen design and art direction is generally superior. Corona always seemed to lack an identity to me, like it's a pastiche of fantasy/fairy tale tropes, especially more so in the series when they added more magic and creatures and technology. Arendelle is pretty bare in comparison but I think this austerity added to why Frozen was more appealing to older audiences than it otherwise would have been.

It made more money because songs

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On a semi related note, if any user is interested I translated the available parts of the Reincarnation Frozen fan-comic. It's not too long so I'll just post it.


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Those are the first 4 parts.
There's a 5th part, as a very kind user pointed me out, but unfortunately only one page seems to be publicly available.

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please no abuse

Tangled good
Princess and the frog slightly less good but still good
Frozen was meh
Frozen 2 was garbage

That Olaf and Sven teaser certainly hurt the movie for me, I wasn't interested at all after watching it.


>Corona always seemed to lack an identity to me
Tangled is more featuring the tower than the castle. Corona didn't have many major coverage besides the kingdom dance and lantern scene. We can only learn more about Corona when the series launched.

so the premise is Elsa the fifth spirit is immortal and Anna is not so she fucks people who look like Anna in the modern world?

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This post with that image remind me of the handful of posts in the Tangled threads about an AU where Rapunzel and Cassandra don't give up their powers and they live into the modern age, never reconciling.

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I'm not so sure about that. When I think of Tangled, the shot that come to mind are the Lanterns, the Tower, and Rapunzel holding Eugene's lifeless body. All these beautifully framed shots with exquisite lighting and details. Hell, the expression on the King's face before they light the lanterns told me everything I needed to know about his character. I still don't know who Agnarr was or what he was like beyond "overprotective dad."

I'll give it to you on Arrendale town feeling more alive than Corona town. It's a living breathing community. Corona was just some buildings and a pretty castle

I'll try

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Sorry forgot the rest of my thought.

But all of the shots I remember from Frozen come from the songs and the climax with Frozen Anna

Since we have a bunch of new friends I'll just post this again.

Do you want free Frozen books?

You don't give a damn about Frozen books?
Well, there's also The Art of Tangled (Sorry, it's the only Tangled book I have).

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bless you user!

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>Cass eventually makes her way to Arendelle

What happens?

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I've always loved the softish lighting and rendering that tangled had. Every character had this nice glow to them throughout the movie that really helped the cgi age well.

I would've liked to see how nice frozen 1 could've looked if they had more than a couple months to animate it.

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>Frozen will never have their own based TV series


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You will see, user.
It's inevitable.

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I doubt it

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Elsanna best comfy

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