1 year on and I'm still angry about this garbage

1 year on and I'm still angry about this garbage.

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Continuing the series past KH2 was a mistake

How come the series was never able to replicate that sincere feeling the characters had in the first game.

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When you walk away

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2 felt like a natural progression at least, it aged with the audience from late grade school to early high school/middle school. Everything after that was bogged down with Nomura's awful fucking writing.

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The gameplay could get better and yet I stopped liking the series because I don't care about the characters and story. The writing is THAT bad.

In fact I hate most of the original characters except Sora and Riku and the idea of even playing as these shitty characters pisses me off. They are garbage. They are shit.

And Sora continues to be written terribly to the point he's an unappealing protagonist. Hope the series flops from this point onward. Anyone else feel the same? It may be a video game but if the characters are garbage, no way is it interesting to play.

>We could've had a comfy adventure series about visiting worlds based on beloved children's films with a Disney-feel to the overall setting.
>Instead we'restuck with pretentious schizophrenic shounenshit with retcons, asspulls, and unecessary OCs everywhere with the Disney elements poorly shoved in.

Nomura is hyping that the next game will star Kairi. The shittiest character in this series. Once a series starts forcing female protagonists in the spotlight it turns to shit. Happened to Metal Gear, it's happening to Legend of Zelda recently. And now Kairi the piece of shit who was killed off twice and revived twice with the power of bad writing.

All the female characters in this pile of shit series are trash. Fuck Nomura, hope the corona virus kills him. And I hope it kills him and his idiot team for ruining Final Fantasy 7.

cope kh3 was a hit and much better than ffxv cant wait for the nomura video game universe

have sex incel ffviire was kino

>Hype it as a remake of one of the most beloved games of all time.
>lol just kidding it's actually some psuedo-sequel with time travel shit LMAO
I refuse to give Nomura my money ever again.

KH3 is the Last Jedi of the franchise.

Though at least with TLJ it made you respect the prequels more. KH3 makes you realize it's the prequel game where the series officially went to hell.

>Happened to Metal Gear, it's happening to Legend of Zelda recently
When have women ever been playable in Metal Gear or Zelda?

it is a remake it tells the story and expands on it

It's because the writing team changed.

Are these threads just full of the same autists repeating their same complaints ad nauseum every time? Get some new comparisons for fuck's sake.

which is funny because bbs forshadowed the last jedi with mark hammil trying to kill his student for no reason

So it's pretty much George Lucas syndrome?

It's a sequel where the original game already happened and they're changing events with time travel/future vision.

>KH3 is the Last Jedi of the franchise.

Absolute nonsense they're not a like in anyway KH3 doesn't have a single surprising moment

People haven't blamed SJWs or the Jews yet, I guess because it's Japanese.

What the fuck happened when it came to character interactions in the newer games. Just compare these two trio introductions.

How do we go from this


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no its a remake they might know about some things that might happen but it still ends with them outside midgar tracking down sephiroth

....and Mark ended up playing the KH version of Holdo (Arrogant ass who we're supposed to view as super-wise despite putting countless innocents in danger yet we're supposed to be emotional when they die).

No I mean there's always that one dude comparing it to TLJ or that turbo mysoginist thatseverely hates women in every single KH thread ever.

I was surprised xehanort got to go to gay keyblade heaven and that sora faded at the end

Ah yes, how could I forget the time police ghosts from the original, completely my mistake.

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>Xehanort is finally going to get the long-awaited comeuppance he deserves
>GOTCHA! It turns out he's somehow a good guy and gets to go to heaven with his BFF he tried to kill!

they added stuff yes but its still following the same basic beats. if aerith doesnt die then we will talk

Star Wars at least had 2 (and a half) movies, the writing shit the bed after KH1. COM's story is decent in a vacuum I guess.

thats just ripping off star wars because nomura loves those movies

I played it as my first kh game no it isnt

But that's not what happened.
Also did you expect this baby game to actually kill anyone proper?

>but its still following the same basic beats
Mmm... yes, I remember back in the original when Shinra pulled two falseflag attacks on their own reactors instead of retaliating against a terrorist organization for their attack.

But Sheev actually got his comeuppance and there was actual build-up to Anakin's redemption.

That's exactly what happened, and yes I do, have you not seen a Disney movie before Frozen?

Metal Gear died to me when Kojima sniffed estrogen and created The Boss. So a random woman is the reason the USA won the second world war without ever even mentioning the bombs? She's also the first USA astronaut? And she has such a charisma that everyone trusts her and bends to her will and her stupid ideals influence the entire franchise to the point that Liquid and Solidus' ambitions are retconned that they were trying to exercise The Boss' will? What a mountain of shit all to put this Mary Sue on the pedestal.

As for Zelda, Breath of the Wild blatantly is making her more of the protagonist. Link is just her disposable tool. And the more screen time Zelda has the more annoying she is. She's lucky Nintendo is a feminist company and that as a result Link is written like a beta simp with no self-respect so he just accepts Zelda treating him like trash.

Female characters are shit.

holy shit man go outside and talk to an actual female get off Yas Forums

Have you not played a KH game better 3?

I never liked the side games of Kingdom Hearts. I knew that this was going to hurt the series, the cast is bloated. So many characters and they're mostly shit. Combine that with Nomura's No Death obsession and you get an even larger cast eventually.

Sorry before

the disney part of kh games being shit recently isnt really nomuras fault the oc stuff is but this is a little of what square had to deal with from disney
>“For each different world we had to deal with a different team,” explains Nomura, “and [plotting] was largely down to what their feelings were on what they wanted to happen. There were some teams that were like, ‘Ooh, if you make a new story, you're going to kind of ruin the world that we created,’ whereas there were teams, like Toy Story, who said to us, ‘Well, we can't have it in that world, but if you want to make a new story, that's fine.’”
>Disney and Pixar don’t just require changes once things have been made – in some cases they need to approve almost every stage of design, from concept to the finished product. Every department has its own stories of what needed to be checked, and when.
>A: Regarding links: During talks with Disney, we were asked to stop calling characters from other worlds into whichever world Sora was currently in. But, that meant we wouldn't be able to make a summon technique like past titles. So, we went with the premise that a connection with Sora's heart calls the characters forth as magic. I thought combining them with magic would have the most impact, so we settled on having "Simba+Fire" and "Ariel+Water" and the like.
>He's not Simba”, he explains. “So we showed Disney our drawings and everything, and shared that, and we got that approved. But at the same time, it wasn't the real character. So I think, in that respect, it was easier.”

the series ended at 2. 1, com, and 2 almost cleanly tie up the series before it goes completely off the rails

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Yeah, you mean 1 where Ansem died by getting bathed in light? Or CoM/2 where all the Organization members withered away into nothingness? Or Roxas and Namine gave up their identities to fuse back into Sora and Kairi? Or in Days when Xion ceased to exist so hard she was retroactively removed from the timeline?

They really are the perfect trilogy.

>8 IPs
It really is just the same fags over and over again who can't stay on neither Yas Forums or /vg/

2 was shit and when it got up its own ass with lore the series should have ended at kh

And they ended on a satisfying "the adventure continues" ending that didn't force you to play more games.

because you aren't a little kid anymore, user

He has a point though: The throwaway post-KH1 OCs ruined it and I fucking hate that as of 3's ending they're now permanent parts of the cast with that Yuna-eyed faggot from the DLC.

user their stories are done. the only characters who matter going forward are the main 3, axel, saix, and ven