Dumbing of Age

And now they're gonna get tied up again.
or Amazi-girl will crash in to save them

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I hope it goes red wedding and they just all get murdered.

I expect that

What's the red wedding equivalent from the bad GoT seasons?


every day the light gets dimmer

Ha bro, aren't we cool Bro. We're totally going to tie up these fellow students so a mafia guy can get his daughter to kidnap a girl so he doesn't have to pay tuition.


So who are these masked assholes anyway

The previous comic made it sound like he just miss his daughter and want her to live with him.

the Battle of Winterfell

Is that the one with the dragon destroying the town?

its the one where the main characters fight zombies in the dark

Honestly, I think a written recap of the whole of "Dumbing of Age" would require a book the length of a "Song of Fire and Ice" novel.

Randos that don't like Amazi-Girl. The guys that look alike (blond hair and similar blue shirts) work for Robin DeSanto or security. There was some event they were at.

We've got Irish mob people, dirty cops, and petty criminals. A hodgepodge of people that don't make sense together.

I almost feel bad for the petty criminals, because kidnapping is way worse than the minor amounts of shoplifting or whatever they were doing.

>That's the best, bro! He even said he'd pay my tuition instead of hers, bro!

>Wow, bro, that's legit. He's paying mine too.

Try not to expect continuity from Willis.

I started doing something like that years ago because of all the patterns and such. There were all sorts of things I was noting, like when the first time religion got bashed was, etc. I was planning on putting everything notable in it, but that meant a lot of time and energy that I realized I wasn't interested in doing. I've already done a lot to keep fanart and smut art catalogued, and we had a great Google Doc with some fun stuff in it. Might download that file and put it in the Dropbox with everything else. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in that.

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Ah yes, watching a man die.

Who the fuck are all the masked idiots? I thought it was just toedad and the fatty's dad

Willis better not try to make me believe a bunch of liberal college kids can beat up a bunch of adult thugs.

Most DoA plotlines can be summed up in a couple of sentences, shit like this is outliers. The real problem is that Willis loves to nest his arcs so formatting it would be a pain.

Townies with a kidnapping fetish.

Didn't we have a discussion about the mafia already?

Yep... he's put Joyce 1v1 against people like triple her size, and she won. Trust me: they'll win.

Oh, and it's going to take until the end of May or June.



I mean, I knew he was a pervert but I didn't realize he had gender dysphoria, too.

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Did you draw that? Which character is it?

Joyce is a girl, user.

Does he look like a girl to you?

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Huh, never knew ol' James Joyce was a dumb teenage girl author self-insert all along.