Did Yas Forums ever changed your mind?

post about cartoons that Yas Forums changed opinion on.

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Do they have to be cartoons?

>Do they have to be cartoons?
The most Yas Forums post ever, I swear to god

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This place either becomes a echo chamber or a shouting match doesn't it?

I guess Yas Forums ameliorated my opinion of EEnE but I still don't get why so many people consider it God's gift to man.

>This place either becomes a echo chamber or a shouting match doesn't it?
This applies to reddit, Yas Forums, tumbler, twitter, and nearly every single site on the internet

petty much

I'd say there are a number of cartoons I wouldn't have watched without people on Yas Forums saying they are worth watching like Troll Hunters.
I looked at it and thought it would be like all the other Dreamworks trash made for 2 year olds.
Probably the only times I've been convinced to not like something I did like was the 90s Spider-man cartoon, X-men and Spider-man Unlimited.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

I really really really don't fucking think that it's supposed to be this hidden fucking art gem that is some kind of untouchable, uncreachable golden standard that no other cartoon could ever hope to get even REMOTELY close to, like it's better than the fucking Mona Lisa or something.

I really don't know why this narrative became so prevalent in the last couple of years. But one thing is sure: it made me absolutely DESPISE a cartoon (and its fans) I used to like a lot.

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Compliment, or insult, which is it?

Pro-villains threads have changed my perspective for several cartoons

So how did your opinion change?

I liked it before. Now I don't, and I stay far away from it and discussion about it.

The Dragon Prince. Thought it looked like shit. Saw a Claudia thread and enough lines of her bad jokes and decided to give it a shot. Binged all 3 seasons in a weekend.

And what year did you decide this?

I dunno. Maybe like 2-3 years ago I think? That's about the time Ed threads started popping up on Yas Forums, and the cartoon just generally went through a second renessaince, at least in popularity.

Yas Forums has made me realise that because Double-D is the most feminine of the three, and Ed and Eddy most likely lost their virginities to him.

I still can't get that out of my head.

Unironically Kung fu panda. I used to think it was a soulless movie but Yas Forums told me to give a try and it was actually good

Same at first view I thought it was just a dumb funny fat panda movie but when I returned I realized it is oozing with so much effort and is actually really fucking beautiful still my favorite movie trilogy

Same, I was surprised on how Yas Forums considered it a great movie when it usually call anything overrated trash

Funny, because I'm the opposite. I wouldn't say I HATED the show, but I remember avoiding it whenever it came on after Johnny Bravo. I gave it a chance and it slowly grew on me, but Yas Forums helped me appreciate it much more. Yas Forums also helped me appreciate Xiaolin Showdown too since I always thought, from the bumpers and commercials, that it was cringe incarnate but I see I was wrong now.

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You mean Duology.

No. I normally do not watch shows I know nothing about, or the premises of which do not appeal to me. In other words, I rarely get disappointed, and generally like everything I watch. I cannot think of a single occasion of a show Yas Forums changed my mind on, towards disliking........ MAYBE Samurai Jack season 5. Maybe.

Purists will forever be an acceptable target for mockery.

And the sequel, which I thought it was going to be a even soulless sequel crashgrab but it was as good as the first one, maybe even better

What about the third one?


>That pic
After hanging around for a bit, i realized how much i don't care for Shaolin showdown. The show was whatever and I when i found out recently that people were gushing over that grey redheaded kid i was honestly even more deterred from it.

So was that before ir after the Dark Times?

Fuck off

Calm down gentlemen, im sure we can be civil. Please make your points that support your stamce

>has contrarian opinion
>reacts violently to anyone who disagrees
Either grow up or go to another board. Usually emotionally stunted people who can't handle different opinions hang out in Yas Forums or Yas Forums so that might be more your speed, boyo.

I used to love Powerpuff Girls, but after the reboot left a bad taste in my mouth, I decided to rewatch the original series. It just didn't hold up. I realized that the characters in the original show were just as bad as the new ones but for completely different reasons.

Also, I fucking hate EEnE with a burning passion now, even though I used to laugh at it when I was a kid. Mostly because spergs on this god-forsaken board praise it like it's the American magnum opus of animation.

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Alright while easily the weakest of the KFP trilogy the third film is still an incredibly solid film in the KFP franchise first it's fucking gorgeous the panda village and the perfect use of those jade and glowing gold colors is eye candy, Po's father arc was beautiful, the action is still on par with the films before, and I loved the villain. It's not perfect and it's not the best and the "haha panda's are fat" joke got a little old but to call it bad is a fucking insult cause that movie was great.

Your kind is what makes this place great.

>reacts violently
He just said fuck off. I think you might be the one that needs to calm down user. I'm not surprised that Yas Forums lives in your head rent free.

>it's the American magnum opus of animation.
It's Canadian.

Why do you think he’s so pissed when people say that?