Admit it Yas Forums, you would

Admit it Yas Forums, you would.

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Would I what? Well while her guard is down I'd beat her genocidal ass

I just wanna pet her


>Not posting the best girl.

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oh hell yeah, I'm drilling that bug puss till kingdom COME

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I want to cuddle her and let her know she's beautiful

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get outta here you're fucking dead

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I'll do it at a safe distance so i don't get genocided

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I love Star

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just because I'd stick my dick in something doesn't mean I like it

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Do what? ACTUALLY watch more than 4 episodes of her show?

Keep dreaming.

i never even watched one.
still bopped one out to her a couple nights back. not proud of it. did it anyway. probably gonna do it again. probably not tonight though. maybe tomorrow.



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Nope. You would be labeled a mass murder by association.

Of course, I would. She deserves to die.

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Before she genocided a bunch of people? Yes. After? No.

>Literal boy tits
You all know wanting to fuck her makes you gay

well yeah but that doesn't make her any less of a shit character, just like Korra.

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Hell yeah, I'd totally smother her with a pillow in this position.

When have I ever said that I wouldn't?
All the girls are worth it. Why else do you think I advocate for a harem ending?

When a woman is beautiful on the inside you don't care much about how she looks and you even start to find attractive how she looks on the outside.
Star deserves to die though.

Well, yeah. She's a horrible person, but I'd do her.

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