'Missing Link' lost a total of $101.3M at the BO

'Missing Link' lost a total of $101.3M at the BO.


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Serves them right, to be honest. It was a painfully generic story. Fucking "Harry and the Hendersons" shit isn't something you want to use for your high budget stop motion arthouse films.

What gets me is the level of promotion. Did they want it to fail?

I saw enough promotion for it that if I was interested, I'd have seen it.
But it did not look like it was worth a trip to the theater.

typical star vehicle, maybe they put too much confidence in jackman after greatest showman

Honestly the company should just go back to making movies like Coraline.

Damn. I feel guilty because I love Laika, and Coraline is one of my favorite films ever. But the trailer for Missing Link just didn't grab me at all.

And I say that as a Box Trolls apologist.

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Wow I am so surprised, how could the general public not want ANOTHER fucking big foot movie??

They didn't take any risks with this one, they just ended up playing too safe with the story despite having a treasure wealth of content.

>Harry and the Hendersons
Now I have to watch it, I liked that show

Didn’t see a single ad for this film. Only just hearing about it.

A $100 million Golden Globe... Worth it?

Honestly, cinema is dying. Even before COVID-19, I didn't want to go to the theaters for anything. Only movie I saw in theaters last year was Detective Pikachu.

Isn't Coraline the only Laika film to turn a profit? They're pretty much kept alive solely by being the pet project of a wealthy heir to a sneaker empire.

Sadly I imagine that was a decision brought about by their riskier projects not doing so hot either. Pretty sure Kubo bombed and they wanted to try to make something more likely to catch the attention of mainstream kids.

But Disney has monopolized animation to the point where 95% of parents will just take their kids to see the latest pixar flick regardless of what it's about. Dreamworks if they're feeling daring.

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>All of Disney's content has become a recycled formula to cater to the widest audience as possible and never upset the Chinese government for fear of not being able to suck on their teat
>China is currently on fire and won't admit it
I wonder if anything will change in coming years.

Laika treats all their animators super shitty and nobody talks about it because they'll become blacklisted

Travis Knight is a hack.
He leaves his studio to direct a fucking toy commercial and has his studio make a boring fucking kiddy movie.

Influx of vod movies

LAIKA needs to accept that most kids just don’t care for stop-motion. They should make adult-targeted projects instead, like Anomalisa or The Shivering Truth.

They only won that Golden Globe because Disney overplayed their hand.

I'd slightly agree with this, maybe keep it pg-13 to still get in the kids who actually like the animation and have normal parents as well as more of the adult crowd coming to it.
Honestly they should try to do another horror style movie. Coraline and Paranorman have been their bigger hits. Give us a pg-13 horror movie. They could still have fun with creative designs and special effects, while having a better story than a lot of their more recent kids crap.

>they just ended up playing too safe with the story
Laika has played it safe thematically. If anything, the pro-science, pro-discovery plot of Missing Link is more unorthodox for a kids movie than any of their previous efforts.
For me, the biggest failure of Missing Link is the peculiar lack of imagination in almost every aspect, resulting in a film full of craft yet evoking no emotion whatsoever. At no point during this movie did I feel "it's great to see this in stop motion animation." They wanted to do a mannered Wes Anderson film, and they botched it because they don't have that unique perspective on the material he brings.

Which is funny because if you want to see a stop-motion Wes Anderson film, you now have two options.

False. Kids aren't as judgmental as you think.
The real problem is that if they never find out about it or aren't grabbed by what they see advertised, they obviously aren't going to watch it.

Yeah, a great one and a not-great but-pretty-solid one. Or 2 1/2 if one were to count A Life Aquatic.

Based lebowski funding animated movies in his free time.

All I remember from this film is the final battle where that dude gets impaled by a giant icicle

Less tentpoles. Theatrical releases are going to be a novelty like drive-in theaters or dinner-and-movies. MCU is receding, Star Wars is dead, etc. There is nothing terribly exciting for audiences to make them leave their homes.

Why were there three fucking animated movies about yetis or Big Foots or some shit? Fucking Disney cancels Newt because they thought it was too similar to Rio and yet this shit happens.

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Yet the Nike founder will still keep them afloat and make them work for years on poor scripts, only to not give any publicity to their films and let them flop, even releasing them on August, which is the worst month to have a release date.

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My problem in this movie is that it only gets interesting at the end.