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I'm literally quivering I can not stop laughing at this holy fuck this really is it.. i'm really about to die laughing holy fuck this is so funny oh my fucking god

What an honest, heartfelt reply

Enough with your bullshit.

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Watch as this becomes foreshadowing that Angel actually is Pentious’ son

You caused this

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He can sus

He owes his girl buddy a sus

What are Yas Forums's thoughts on Hazbin Hotel? (Not counting any personal hatred to Vivzie or whatever she's called)

I just finally got around to watching it yesterday and felt mixed. It clearly has some nice moments in it and kinda reminds me of the Disgaea series with a western twist, but some of the animations, designs and plot points just felt wonky (which might be acceptable for a pilot).

I liked it, Alastor was the best part

pic related.


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It was cool, I think it'd be fine with a mini series.

I thought it was funny. OP’s moment got a good laugh outta me, since time and my friends have actually used the “son?” response against fags who try to pull a daddy joke during a fight.

Better than I was afraid it would be. Zoophibia was a wasteland of buried potential.

Didn’t like it but can see why people do.

Thanks for the honest opinions. Also, any thoughts on Helluva Boss? Good? Underrated? Not as good as Hazbin? Bad?

It's funny because he likes buttsex

Cool thanks. From lurking, I thought Yas Forums had a massive hateboner for this show. I guess it's more 50/50 or maybe even positive?

I preferred Helluva Boss because it felt more compact and we got to know the charterers dynamic more. Having a smaller cast does that

Its more of a meme then anything else.

For Helluva Boss, I absolutely adored Moxie and Millie, but couldn't stand Lupa or the other characters too much.

Creator has a community of loyal h8ers follow her anywhere. Sometimes people from high school just don't know when to quit.

I want to sexually torture this snek

This. I think it depends on whether you can deal with the cringe involved in it, as there is a decent amount. If you can look past that, it’s not too bad.

To me The dog is the weakest member of the cast. I do think they have to be careful with the boss. He sometimes teeters towards annoying, but yea the best parts were Moxie and Millie

That's actually a half wholesome joke

I think my favorite parts where with Charlie. Her naive optimism, love of singing, and aspiration for an impossible dream kinda remind me a lot of Danny from Cats Don't Dance.

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I don't like how up its own ass how twistedly saccharine it is.

Character design can be a bit to deviant art for my taste but it's fun overall, even if the fetishism is trying a bit too hard. Not a furry, but I like that wolf girl from the spinoff.