Annual Usagi Yojimbo Storytime part 26

Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai! Tonight, our opening act is Usagi gets to protect a rock. It's a very serious job.


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oh god not another good-samurai-evil-master-and-they-both-die

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Not to worry, it's not that, user! Only the good samurai dies.

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Thank you, Stan

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And now we get to one of the most famous issues. Our favorite and only westerner in the comic, Rodriguez!

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>Only the good samurai dies.

Well that's a relief, I was worried things might turn okay for a change.

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I already want him to die

Dying over a fucking rock

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Oh God, this Portuguese prick.

We just saw people die over ice.

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At least that guy got massive bragging rights with the ice. The rock is purely subjective aesthetic appeal

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oh for fuck's sake

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and it even went to a philistine who doesn't know anything about it

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nowhere is a refuge when you're involved, Usagi.

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What's the matter? Scared to disembowel yourself?

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Damnit, Usagi.

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this guy had better die

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>RodriguezXNoriko OTP

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This is why you don't give into demands.

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Fighting Charlotte in Samurai Showdown was always a bitch

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