Tomgirl K.O

Apperantly, this is kind of a thing, and it's HOT. Why can't we get more cartoon male characters grow curves, too? Who gives a shit if it's unrealistic, THEY'RE CARTOONS.

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Hate to break it to you, but you're like the only person requesting this in drawthreads and posting it around the board.
I mean, I'm always up for some traps, but your obsession is just making it weird. I suggest you switch to a different character every other week to keep things fresh and not uncomfortable for everyone else.


> tomgirl
literally just faggots

Go figure, when it's Miko from Glitch Techs or Raven, no one bats an eye, but THIS is where boundaries lie? When did this place get so boringly heterosexual?

You're just complaining that this isn't Marco.

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>When did this place get so boringly heterosexual?
We don't want your disease

maybe because you are the only one asking for it, and it doesn't fit the character at all.

I blame Astolfo for this.

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its not about being hetero by majority, which we are depending on which way our dick points.
But its because you have shit taste and you cant see that clearly no one wants anything to do with you, instead of blaming shit for being hetero blame your lack of taste and creativity coomer

At that point you should just fap to regular curvy women and be done with it instead of clinging to vestiges of faggyness.

Welp, I'll just double down on the faggyness, then. :3

>When did this place get so boringly heterosexual?
When your brand of degeneracy became condoned in real life.

have fun being the only person on this board no one wants to acknowledge
you really showed us by being the most socially inept of us all.

Either way, ya'll took the bait, fuckers.

Sis I'm a whole-ass fag and we don't want your kind either.

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I said it before, I'll say it again. Cartoon fags are fucking weirdos.

To be fair this board has been trying to throw out the girl thicc posters recently

There's already a crossdressing thread so this one might be redundant. Go where the Princess Marco stuff flows.

I agree, pick a different character and you'd probably be more accepted.


>When did this place get so boringly heterosexual?
when the moviecasuals moved in

I'm listening.

Like how a tomboy is a girl who acts boyish. Reverse but with a boy.

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literally just fuck a woman. what the fuck?

Why is this hotter than traps? What the fuck?

It's not a thing because being a "tomgirl" just amounts to being a flaming faggot. Plenty of straight girls can be tomboys, but no straight man acts like a tomgirl

My friend doesn't act like a flaming faggot but he does look like a Tomgirl, even though he says his straight. Retard posted his pics on Yas Forums and ever since then i'm trying to fuck him. Believe me it would be so much easier if he was a flaming faggot.

Being a tomgirl is based on your actions not your looks. If he has a soft feminine appearance he cant exactly help it, short of injecting himself with testosterone. Just because he doesnt look rugged and manly doesnt mean hes a tomgirl OR a fag.

Metros exist.

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Putting a facemask on with your sister doesnt make you metro or a tomgirl lol

I think if a guy has hips and a overall feminine structure, i'd say he would qualify as a tomgirl. Most tomboys ARE into sports and can be mistaken for guys but they still act feminine.

It's from an entire episode where Lincoln worries about the feminine mannerisms he's picked up from his sisters.

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