Thor Thread

Let’s have a Thor thread. MCU fans are welcome too.
>Favorite runs, miniseries, or maxiseries?
>Favorite Supporting Character?
>Favorite Villain?
>Who better? Thor or Beta Ray Bill?
>Next potential writer and artist for Thor after Cates and Klein?
>Dream runs for Thor?
>Favorite Thor writers and artists?
>How would you improve the current mythos

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I meant arcs instead of maxiseries but it’s too late.


I’ma post some art.

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Aight that’s it.

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Seems like the only runs people care about

They should bring back Donald Blake

Aaron’s was pretty great during God Butcher and God Bomb, especially Last Days of Midgard, but after that it got worse. Tom Defalco’s is pretty decent, it’s a good Thor run but nothing outstanding, though it did give me my favorite arc in Thor comics.

I somewhat disagree, Thor should be cosmic and mythological by nature, so his Donald Blake persona kinda hinders that potential.

I can tell this thread will be pushed down to page 10 by the next Steven Universe thread.

I like Kirby from about 116 on and the JrJr part of Jurgens best.
My favorite arc is probably the Galactus vs Thor story in 160-161.

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That was peak Kirby in terms of art, it helped that the inker wasn’t Vince Colletta but Georgie boy.

Does Aaron have daddy issues why were Thor and Odin's relationship so abusive in his run

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Odin has been a cock since day one.

Thor and Odin always have some trouble with each other, but it was out of respect and love for each other rather then anything abusive. It would’ve worked for Bruce Banner or maybe Tony Stark, but not Thor.

all i've read is simonson, are all these other ones worth reading? Should I read all of the original Lee/Heck/Kirby run? Most of the OG Lee/Kirby stuff I've read has been hit and miss. I like Thor when he's either high fantassy or sci fi, I'm not really a fan of the whole fish out of water aspect of him in the regular world.

I liked it when Thor was the boisterous adventure bro to Hyperion's stoic straight man. That was a good pairing.

It's always been that way in Marvel. Even back in Stan and Kirby Odin was always "Thor's gotten too proud and big for his britches. Time to humble him." and then Odin would Donald Blake him or some shit.

JMS has a lot of the fish out of water stuff going on. It also is pretty high fantasy though. The premise is that Thor brings back Asgard after a Ragnarok and sets it in like Minnesota and goes about bringing back all of the gods in an arc that feels somewhat truncated, but for my part it feels like the fantasty is more fantastic for putting Asgard on Midgard. Your mileage may vary, though.

Doesn't your picture literally answer your question? That page is from Odin recounting how he betrayed his father to take the throne, and knew his son would do the same

Yeah, the Kirby/Lee run does get better eventually, especially during the Mangog and Galactus saga.

You can skip the Heck stuff entirely. The 120’s are worth reading, but the series really takes off at around 131 and is strong to the finish. There is very little fish out if water stuff- and what there is turns out to be surprisingly fun- and short lived.
I’m a huge Kirby fan and a huge Thor fan, so take all that with a grain of salt.
I’m not much of a Simonson fan, tho. There I said it.

>I’m not much of a Simonson fan, tho.
That’s heresy in some circles. Okay for real tho, how come?

JMS did a pretty great run imho.

Strongly disagree.

It just doesn’t hold me, user. I really don’t like how long Thor spends under mind control. I think the earth based issues are really underwhelming. The whole dying little by little thing is also drawn out longer than I’d like. I don’t care about the frog. The Mutant Massacre crossover is lame.
His art style isn’t to my taste, but I appreciate it. The later Sal Buscema art, however, turns me off 100%.
I don’t like most of Simonson’s redesigns and while I appreciate the intent of the greater emphasis on the og mythology it doesn’t excite me in its execution.
I liked it a lot when I read it in High School, though. Somewhere along the way I just lost my taste for Simonson’s way of doing things.
He’s so well loved, I almost feel bad about it though.

As Thor's alter ego? Never. As a Thunderstrike analog? Maybe/ As a civilians that is not bounded to Thor and anything Thor related? Sure, whatever.

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Those are some fair points, so I can’t criticize you too hard on it. Walt Simonson is a great artist and so is Sal, but there not everyone’s taste when it comes to comic art.
Personally for me, Simonson has a strong grasp when it comes to design characters and their setting, plus you can’t deny that Skurge’s sacrifice at Gjallerbu was a incredible moment.

I also like that it seems Simonson has a really specific way his lettering is done. He and Byrne seem to be the only major artists/writers to do this.

Even in Norse mythology, Odin broke oaths and betrayed his followers. As gods go, he was pretty shady. His excuse was he had to prepare for Ragnarok.

I think he is now more of a Hulk villain but Absorbing man is one of my favorite Marvel characters I really wish we saw more of him

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Royalty worked that way. Sons overthrew fathers and usurped the throne as soon as they could, fathers kept their son under close watch. Gods were the same. Being king is a life of mistrust and scheming.

Kind of like being in a corporate office, ha..

I fucking adore Absorbing Man, he’s a character that can be used for alot of situations similar to Taskmaster or the Wrecking Crew.

It’s a pretty bad existence if you ask me.

I know right. He is just a fun character to watch beat the shit out of some poor super schmucks also he easily has one of my favorite super powers in fiction matter absorption is just so cool

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Yeah I think it's pretty great too. Not without flaws, but then, what run isn't?

John Workman is Simonson’s letterer of choice. I don’t know about Byrne, but Larsen uses him on Savage Dragon. He’s great with SFX especially.

The ball and chain is a great weapon too.

The Ball and Chain is a patrician’s choice of weaponry.