Aww, shoplifting dog is sad, guys!

Aww, shoplifting dog is sad, guys!

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Imagine starting 2 memes in a row by accident while forced memers spam bullshit here every single day without sucess

She actually gained donaters from her controversies.

Good for him.

ITT: Yas Forums pretends to care about shoplifting

Send love and support to the poor pupperino

It's less about taking a moral stance, and more about laughing at the retarded tranny who thinks anyone would unironically support them shoplifting art supplies when all they do with it is make idiotic shit like this.

more people should admit that they just want to laugh at someone, rather than pretending some great moral principle is at stake.

>implying Yas Forums is a hivemind that only thinks one way
okay tranny

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Stay sad faggot

That’s what I said

do you know that sign that says "shoplifters will be prostituted?"

It's not the shoplifting it's the hypocrisy of the person who did it.

You clearly do though. You personally are a sheep.

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I don’t even know who this person is or the backstory behind this, I just knew at a glance exactly how this thread was going to go.

Wait, I'm sorry, do white people now think shoplifting is good if a white tranny does it?

bruh dumbass so poor he got a nokia phone
no wonder he was shoplifting

It can't be an accident. He must love negative attention or something, to make a new pro-theft comic just when the reaction to his last pro-theft comic was blowing over. I think he enjoys the abuse.

Oh it’s you again

Kleptos started using all sorts of woke bullshit to legitimize their behavior


She’s trans ?

>You clearly do though
>You personally are a sheep
I'm a sheep because I *personally* think for myself?
I *personally* have individual thought, so i'm a hivemind?

This is your brain on pink pills, i guess.

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Yes, he is a tranny.

It's the same retarded tranny behind New Guy feom earlier this year.
They just keep changing their artstyle every time they get BTFO for being retarded.

You don’t think for yourself. Your brain is hooked up to an IV of YouTube.

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>not doing anything wrong
>gets posted here to be shit on anyway

Did that bitch just turn into COVID-19?!

More that they did wrong and don't acknowledge it. Playing the victim game instead.