Thousands of more Interesting or fanservice female characters

>Thousands of more Interesting or fanservice female characters
>supposed to be less pretty than starfire
>Unlikeable cunt
>Fandom gives her an EXTRA THICC upgrade and loses their shit over her

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Her emotional problems and introverted nature make her seem more approachable by geeks like us.

I’ll never understand why people try to psychoanalyze fictional characters

Now that I think about it the goth characters never end up with the nerd character

Raven is really likeable to me. 90% of "thicc" fan content is just silly, regardless of the subject matter.

If you're both introverted it's no going to make interacting easier, two negatives don't make a positive and what not.

Big tiddy goth gf

Because she’s cute

>supposed to be less pretty than starfire
>Unlikeable cunt

Grey skin. That's the likely reason.

sizable mammaries Gothic partner

potential companion from the goth subculture with voluptuous physic

I don't get it either. Everyone knows Blackfire is best girl.

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because she is large breasted female who fits the gothic trend from the early-to-late 2000s era

mein nigger

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she's that dark and mysterious girl with a body beaming with with sex appeal that everyone yearns for

realistically, she isn't even that thicc in teen titan, she's suffered fanart flanderization

Grey Fever is a hell of a drug.

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>>supposed to be less pretty than starfire
Starfire is supposed to have the biggest milkies, plus she's supposed to embody the "I hate myself" goths which were always, you know...FAT, not thicc

she's pretty normal in teen titan, idk why people are making her thicc

>Starfire is supposed to have the biggest milkies
Yeah well that wasn't the case in the cartoon, which is the inspiration for the vast majority of fanart

Why is cartoon TT so much better than comic TT? Comic TT is so terrible. Same with the Justice League, the cartoon was awesome but then the comics are almost all awful.

Maybe comics just aren't for me. Too much bullshit to wade through to get to the stories you actually care about.

Because the ones who get to write for that comicbook series don't really want it.

>Thousands of more interesting or fanservice female characters
I guess I can't argue something as subjective as "what makes a character interesting", but being half human half demon isn't exactly common. She also tends to be thoughtful and introspective, a contrast to many cartoon protagonists. As far as fan service goes, she does show a lot of leg, she's pretty busty, and has a noticeable hourglass figure. I wouldn't say she's at the bottom of the barrel in either the interest or fanservice categories.

>Less pretty than Star
I think we have very different views on the situation. Star was undoubtedly supposed to be pretty / traditionally beautiful as part of her appeal. However, I don't think that was intended to suggest Raven wasn't. Raven hid her looks under a cowl, mystery rather than upfront beauty was her character. Once we saw her face, she was on par with Star.

>Unlikeable cunt
I have to disagree. She was sullen, but never abrasive. She was incredibly tolerant, if a bit blunt. Raven also opened up and had a close personal relationship with each of her teammates. If anything her refusal to burden others with her problems was her character fault.

>Fandom makes her THICC and loose their shit
Almost all fanart exaggerates to fit the artist's taste. Fans are analysts by nature. If you obsess over something, you're going to evaluate the characters in detail. Terra, Star, Jinx, etc. have some depth, but aren't quite as well fleshed out as Raven was. Raven had moments with Cyborg that showed her ability to empathize and go out of her comfort zone, moments with BB where she showed a sense of humor and developed patience, moments with Robin that highlighted the burdens and past failures that haunted them both. Star got some character developments with her fish out of water stuff, but it was less varied and shallow in comparison. Fans could take more time looking at different aspects of Raven's characterization and build fondness via repetition.

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Peak JL comics are significantly better, I would kill for an animated series that uses Morrison's JLA or Giffen DeMatteis JLI as a storyboard.

She's like Velma. She's intended to be nerdier and less prettier than Daphne but somehow these traits ended up being more sexier for most people and as a result she got a lot more sexualized thicc fanart.

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Yas Forums likes her because she has the supposed personality of an Yas Forums-grade fembot

Introvert married to another introvert here- it’s actually smooth as fuck in practice. The lack of pressure to engage in additional socializing and the mutual understanding of each other’s need for alone time creates harmony.
Also introversion isn’t a mental illness or a negative.

how did you guys meet?

We worked together for like a month.

NTT is just not a good comic. It has a few good stories, but it’s mostly ranges from mediocre to bad.
For better or worse you kinda have to read comics based on creators not characters.

There's a whole episode where Slade rips off most of her clothes when she's on her own getting mad at her demon father or something.
I don't have the images, but that was followed by her big personal issues where she was supposed to die & that is literally the formula for making people love a female character.