I can't think of any other Yas Forums hyenas other than the Lion King franchise

I can't think of any other Yas Forums hyenas other than the Lion King franchise.

April 27th is Hyena Day or something.

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Harley Quinn and sometimes The Joker have pet hyenas.

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Hyena antagonist from Rimba Racer. She exists.

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I think this may be the first hyena character I’ve seen that was neither an asshole nor a gimmicky joke character with something to do with laughing. But then maybe he’s supposed to be a wild dog.

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This was the best thing that came from that show.

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Okay, waifufag.

Great warrior wall had a hyena, jungle vacation catillac cars episode had hyenas

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Why do you even have this saved?

My mistake.

Speaking of the show. Found this recently


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That always seemed like a stretch.
Painted dogs look absolutely smeared in paint compared to him, and the line tends to go all the way up the forehead.
The line on Haida looks like its there to make the black part look like an onion, like the shape of his head.

Always bad guys.

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There is an anime where a hyena girl has sex with a weird futa angel. I will leave it at that.

Hyenas are generally considered stupid and evil creatures of the night in Africa, except in the Mande cultures where they’re revered as spirits of wisdom and devourers of dark forces

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Quite often people use species X in a cartoon to instantly telegraph the character to kids, and as far as species go, hyenas are probably too obscure.

Ishutoku reviewers. The hyena also is a futa. Because look at real world hyena biology

>Devourer of dark forces.

I like that. They eat rotten carcasses with no repercussions.

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Yep. It was said that during the battle between the evil goddess Muso-Koroni Kondye and Mangala her dead and wounded warriors were devoured by the Hyena as they fell to earth during their siege of the heavens. Young boys wore hyena talismans to protect them from witches and other evil beings while they were initiated into the mysteries of manhood.

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Disney gave them rep of bad guys, of course there's also Jasiri but she's only because #notallhyenas.

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Oh hyenas have been hated everywhere from Ancient Greece to medieval Arabia to pre-colonial Africa

They ARE pretty creepy


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Being garbage men of nature is not a pretty task.
They can look cute off duty.

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Happy pseudopenis day, user.


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I mean, when you have a pack of savage dogs laugh a inhuman laugh under the cover of darkness for centuries as your wildlife, that can only lead to one place

I want a hyena gf so bad bros, clitoris pegging be damned

What's going on here?

Sisi ni sawa.

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>Amazonian punk futa hyena
Haha, it would be funny if she fucks dudes

Maybe she does or maybe she does not.

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Obscure? Nah, the laughing hyena trope has been a thing since at least the middle of the 20th century. They’re up there with giraffes and ostriches for recognizable exotic african animals, and they show up as background characters in a lot of cartoons that feature a large ensemble of exotic animals. The thing is that nobody ever remembers them because they are always used for the one gag and hardly ever featured beyond that.

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Eeyup. Not even Zootopia could give us subverted hyena gag.