Why do a lot people find Superman unappealing? People like the retarded monkey ripoff of him but not the real deal...

Why do a lot people find Superman unappealing? People like the retarded monkey ripoff of him but not the real deal. What turns people off of Superman so much?

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Well I like Supes and all but I think Goku's appeal comes more from him being self made like we see him train and become stronger so as that he can do all his godly feats while Supes just bathes in the rays of the sun and is just a god without effort granted this is a major generalization of the character but the generalization is all people see of Supes. That's also why people like Batman more often cause he is "self made"

Most people just like Goku for his strength. Supermans more powerful than him so people seethe and call him boring because he’s “OP”. Superman goes so much more deeper than his strength though, he represents the best of humanity.

Goku and superman arent really the same character. If you watched more then the dub from the 90's you would know this.

They don’t like a guy like Superman telling them how to live, he’s like Tony the Tiger only not inspiring

I can imagine anytime their dislike of him is labeled as "butthurt over him being too strong they don't ACTUALLY dislike him they're just salty over him being so strong lol, no one actually hates Superman and if they do they're just dbz faggots who like a character who is barely anything like superman but gets called a ripoff anyways" can sour peoples opinions on him a bit.
Ignoring that for some people there is just a point where power levels get so high they just can't give a shit about him anymore. It all becomes the sort of samey "multiversal universal super duper important everything is centered around them super duper unbeatable no matter what super duper strong" shit over and over.
It gets to such a high level that it loops around and becomes boring, and if he can get to that sort of thing casually it makes sense why any story featuring him they don't want to get into, because what is the point when he should just logically instantly win.
Add this with how comics need to up the power levels every few years for publicity it's really no wonder people just don't like him.
And again at the end of this, having their personal opinion being labeled as nothing more then the result of some bullshit company war over and over can probably make people naturally hate supes more.

Because out generation finds the idea of hope oppressive and we distrust anyone who lives their life without a shred of irony

Tony the Tiger tells you how to live. He's constantly trying to influence you to buy his shitty cereal.

Literally had everything handed to him. Couldn't deal with Captain Marvel being more popular than him so Superman decided to call Papa DC and sued Fawcett .

Yeah but he’s so charismatic and inspiring to the kids. Superman isn’t


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Tony the Tiger would do it much more naturally and less dramatic. Like a real hero.

his cereal is actually good though, fag. Chocolate version is great too

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His cereal taste better than Superman's shitty cereal.

she probably killed herself 2 days later

Her brain chemistry would be fine if she had a balanced breakfast. Tony can help with that.

Though Tony was giving her something more than cereal

Tiger dick cures all

Because DC and Superfags still peddle outdated ideas that that no longer resonate as they once did, like how Superman is the greatest humanity has to offer, he's the man of tomorrow, that we should strive to be and imagine ourselves like Superman, yadayadayada. Do you honestly fucking believe that's what people think of when they think of Superman these days?

Truth is, people will likely sooner identify those things with Batman nowadays. When people think of the greatness of us, the greatness of humans, they think of Batman, not Superman. It's a problem you can't fix with Superman, he just is what he is. When people look at Superman they see a fucking God among gods.

Whenever they bring up how the world needs Superman these days in any story, I just think the story is probably better off if Superman is dead to give Wonder Woman something to do.

Superman in my eyes isn't necessarily a superhero, he's an super-powered EMT first and foremost and handles supervillains when called for. In his final form, Superman is a pacifist that has progressed his powers to such a point that he doesn't need to throw a punch to solve his problems. He will find a way.
>#Adventures of Superman#612-623
>Superman literally solves the MCU Incursion crisis in a single page. Cause he's that fucking good.

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Better scan.

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>tfw had no idea who the fuck you were even talking about when you said "the retarded monkey ripoff of him"
Why do burgers have such a hilariously wrong idea of what Dragonball and Son Goku are?

>every where we go
>people wanna know
>whoooo we knoooot

Every new arc Goku basically is playing catch up with his big villains. There's a sense of tension.

Well Clark had a normal childhood in most canons and then awkward powered teenage years where he had to learn the discipline of his abilities. He had to practice being a Superhero with the Legion of Superheroes and learn the craft before being Superman. Anime wise it's more like the shonens/seinins where there's a large organization and the MC is super badass but naive at the start but doesn't do much training, learns through fighting villains instead (thinking Full Metal Alchemist, part 3 and beyond of JoJo, Berserk before the flashback,) The appeal of the character should work for Animefags.

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too much marysue. not so apealing personality. too vanilla. God of DC makes battle scene uninteresting.

The movies fucking ruined him.

Yes, Superman is OP, but there's far more OP shit out there and he gets his superass kicked constantly. The fun with Superman is that he's attempting to be the most powerful and simultaneously most moral being he can. Red Son was better than the "what if Superman was a dictator" comics and games because Superman isn't a good leader but rather a good philosophical guardian. I like Superman because he's an assimilated human, someone who loves humanity like he's one of its own despite very much not being that.

>People like the retarded monkey ripoff of him but not the real deal
because people are simple minded and only come for the fights. saving the world is a side product, what matters to them is big ass hand lasers and mountain clearing punches.

He is not Batman and will always live under Batman's shadow.

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Maybe if he wasn't so overpowered and boring.

What do you like about Superman?