Is it the best Cartoon Network cartoon?

Is it the best Cartoon Network cartoon?

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Courage is, followed closely by Ed Edd n Eddy.

I switch those but without a doubt its both of them at the top. Grim is easily in the top10.

Honestly up there with early Spongebob imo. All the episodes were funny and memorable.

I'd give grim 3rd place. Maybe 6th at the absolute worst.

Not really: Mandy was an evil Mary Sue.

Inb4 Samurai Jack and afterward shitting on it

No but it's probably top 5.

The 90s starters.

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Yes. Can you pass the egg salad?

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cow and chicken is garbage
I am Weasel is cool though

Heh. I forgot about this.

Weren't they both Ren and Stimpy knock-offs?

Ren and Stimpy is trash too

Courage is the best, followed closely by Grim. Ed Edd n Eddy is ok, but I wouldn’t put it at the top.
I actually did go back and watched a lot of 2000s cartoons recently, and Grim hold up really well

I went back and watched the first season about two years ago and I didn't think it held up.

Weasel had better plots and joke delivery compared to C&C.

Where do you watch Billy and Mandy in high quality?


>Zoomers are now nostalgic for Billy and Mandy, blissfully unaware that it was never good and is widely considered by 90s kids to be one of the worst animated movies of all time.
What went wrong? Why do Zoomers have shit taste?

It had the best side characters of any CN show
>Billy's Dad
>Hoss Delgado
>Jeff the Spider
>Nigel Planter
>Lord Moldybutt
>The Frog Wizard
>Fred Fredburger

KND should be in there somewhere honestly.!miJmgAxD!EHOGhc5t3m183IZlIjoEZg

Ew no.
KBD is hogshit.

I liked it more before it started getting into gross-out "humor".

Shows are in no particular order within their tier.

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This list is complete trash

This has to be bait oh my god

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Care to give constructive criticism instead of just saying It's shit?

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You're missing a shit ton of shows

>KND is hogshit
commit suicide

With a few exceptions I only used original Cartoon Network shows. I didn't include Anime and Old Hanna-Barbera Shows. I know there's some shows I missed like Clarence and Over the Garden Wall but I never saw those shows.

What a terrible tier list. You should be punished.

>I like OK KO too, but I wouldn't call it S worthy.
>Foster's and Total Drama being in A tier
>Uncle Grandpa being in G for Garbage tier
>Regular Show is M.I.A.

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