Why was he such a dick?

Why was he such a dick?

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He's pretty much smarter than everyone else in the town and he knows it.

No u

he needs a good buttfucking

So is Stan but he's mostly friendly with the townsfolk

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Hes a beta loser who can’t get the girl.

O_o Easy there, Shadman.

It depends what you mean
Academically for his age yes, he is genius. Ford might be a bit more
However socially he's not smart and is easily manipulated

He has that complex where you think being smarter than people gives you the right to be a dick although when I watched it I don't remember him being a dick too much

I wouldn’t say he’s academically a genius. We don’t know his grades

>but he's mostly friendly with the townsfolk
He literally makes his living off of assuming everyone is dumber than him.

I remember he did that equation in the Time Traveler's Pig, and apparently had the brains to be a good adversary against Ford in DDnMD

Did that even require an equation? He just figured out his sister wasn’t with him the other times

Until her head was beside the equal sign, he was writing down the equation(s), not realizing Mabel

Here's the vid, the equation starts at 3:33:

Fuck off Alex

His name is Mason what do you expect?


One of the downsides of living in rural America

You would have gotten more responses, and of a better quality, by just asking for Gravity Falls girls again.

Go make your own fucking thread.

Hes a sheltered average kid.

Anyone else think that Dipper seems like he would be a good friend when you were 12?

Nope. I wouldn’t want a sweaty ass nerd around me, take a shower, you little cunt

Aren't they all that around that age?

Dipper specifically doesn’t bathe, so that’s super amplified.

I think Stan said in Dipper vs Manliness that he smelled like baby wipes

Stan doesn’t know what smells good, you seen his pit stains? And no I will not imagine the smell or ever find it a joke regarding smell funny

Yeah, but everyone else seems to have been used to him or doesn't mind it

i just want to impregnate him

>This is the quality level of page 10 bumping in 2020

Dib was a better character than this guy