Is mediocrity the new standard?

Is mediocrity the new standard?

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it's still the best show of the past decade

That's not how you spell "worst".

>If you can recognize the character it is on model
This needs to be a new meme. What makes it even more sad is that I heard that they focused on the art first and story second.

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No, that would be Samurai Jack

>it's cheap
>it's fast
>it still brings in viewers
lol no


People bitch about going off-model with shows like Steven Universe and OK KO, so why does no one give Flapjack shit for it?

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>Is mediocrity the new standard?

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On model Superman

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Because SU characters change models multiple times in a single fucking scene you retarded tranny.

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His philosophy is how you get things that are visually interesting.

People don't move symbols of model sheets around in animation programs because it's good cartooning, they do it because it's cheap.

FlappyJack didn't take itself seriously like SU did or as KO sometimes did.Also it's not nearly as noticeable or frequent and comes off as quirky rather than incompetent

Seething, you just need excuses to complain about SU.

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Imma just say it who the fuck cares? I watched all the episodes and whenever I saw them being "off model" I just didn't care or thought hey that looks funny it didn't take away from the show or anything

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Is there an easier way to tell that someone lost an argument?

I assume Kent Butterworth was speaking about breaking away from over thinking each drawing and perfectionism. Steven Universe veers sharply into sloppy laziness. You could write it off as a stylistic choice in production, but some of the mistakes are so poor they can't be ignored.

Going off model for effect and going off model due to incompetence are two different things.

Do american animators really?

>that tweet is from 2017
>we're in 2020
>not in 2017

Being off-model works for show that are surreal and episodic (Flapjack, Uncle Grandpa, Thundercats Roar and OK KO) but not for more serialized/down-to-earth shows like Steven Universe

>FlappyJack didn't take itself seriously like SU did or as KO sometimes
SU is the worst show for this kind of example.
If you actually watch SU it's corny and lighthearted that much you can't say it takes itself seriously enough.
The townies episodes and the Uncle Grandpa crossover proves it

>but not for more serialized/down-to-earth shows like Steven Universe
It's not serious.
It had a literal crossover with Uncle Grandpa and corny as fuck townies episodes

Can we all bond together by making this a thread about making shitty off model drawings

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Do you think 3 years is a long time? Are you underage?

>"Yes, it's a off model but we prefer artistic leniency over accuracy"
Why was it so hard for them to say this?

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Not him but he's pointing out that this thread is just a low-effort repost. There's a lot of autists on this shithole who spent their time spamming old material. It's one of the many reasons this site is so bad now. The whole fucking appeal of Yas Forums is ephemerality.

It's still more down-to-earth when compared to Other Cartoon Network shows

Most cartoons are rarely 100% on model all of the time unless they use puppet animation which while can look good can also give really soulless and mediocre works ala Family Guy.

Off-model happens often, especially in the old 90's and 2000's cartoons Yas Forums praises often. They are just usually good looking enough that you don't notice it. Meanwhile, SU often times has shit of this degree and worse.

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Those are small stylistic quirks between artists, which is understandable when you have many people with different artist backgrounds producing one story.
Steven Universe refuses to stay on-model to the point of characters randomly change heights, body proportions and lose essential parts of their design language. It's not artistic - it's being inept.

wrong quote

Took me a second. I thought it was Mr. and Mrs. Hoop. But, it's Daria and Jane.

It's not even the best "muh lore" show of the decade.

Do the vast majority of people even care? Does even half?

>The whole fucking appeal of Yas Forums is ephemerality.

So that means... what to you? Because to me, it means discussing whatever is relevant to the board. Most of the TV animation industry being overrun by talentless rich brats who don't give a fuck about creating quality seems board-relevant to me. I don't need to hear some fucking zoomer defending them under some bullshit pretense of "repost". If it was something you liked or agreed with you wouldn't care that it's a "repost".

hope that answers your question OP

I too hold kids shows to the highest artistic standards

It's not thou. It is overrated and propped up by cartoon network for their wokest project.

>it's just a kids show

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I don't know if I said this before, but the whole ideas that character design should in the most obvious, obtuse way possible display a character's personality be simplistic and childish. I'd even say it's insulting to someone's intelligence. Making everything so obvious with little room for potential confusion be something that characterizes bad children's media. To think that would be a good design principle for characters with clear cleavage and skimpy clothes makes no sense.

Thats what you get when you tell niggas they "can be anything they want" and "forget" to mention that behind real art lies exceptional talent (and superhuman effort).They try to butcher everything in little reproducible "scientific" methods and procedures so its easy for bugmen to follow.But the result speaks for itself,empty and ugly.

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Is that image actually implying that left is a better design than right just because it's prettier and shinier or something?

Shows like that and adventure time go off model intentionally and as a joke Steven universe has shots where Steven at garnets knee and next shot is at her waist

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