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Really love this show, let's discuss it a bit. Just finished watching all the episodes with commentary, was fun but not as good as some people make it out to be on hindsight.

Favourite ep.? Favourite Character? Least favourite ep?

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Sucks how criminally underrated this show is.

I gave the first episode a try a few months back, but outside of two jokes (the Monarch's origin story and Dr Venture's other missing kidney) it didn't really grab me. How far in does it get good?

Also the long delay in between seasons to get another small chunk of the story.

It picks up after season 1 and gradually continues to improve

Depends on the person.

Only took me a few episodes. The pilot is definitely different from the tone of the rest of the show.

The first season and especially the first episode don't really capture the sophistication that comes to typify the venture bros.

the pilot should only be viewed as an extra on the dvds, not as a real episode

Season one is one of the weakest seasons in the show. That being said, it really does pick up in the second half.

Are there good quality versions of the seventh season floating around? Pref with commentary.

Nah, this is how things should be. Can you even imagine the outrage from normalfags about DMTM being a "transphobic" character or some stupid bullshit like that? Small communities means less drama, plus this show requires you to actually pay attention so it wouldn't work for most people anyway.

Predict the next big bombshell to be dropped in the plot

I mean, honestly, what's left? Everyone guessed the whole "Monarch and Rusty are brothers/halfbrothers/otherwise related" like 10 years ago, minimum. A majority of fans cottoned onto Vendata being Monarch's dad based on a tiny ass snippet of dialogue at the end of s6. The only thing I'm salty about was that it wasn't explicitly spelled out how the Morpho cave fucked off between Monarch using it and Vendata using it in s7.

I suppose a future plot point will be the whereabouts of Jonas Sr.'s head and what the OSI is getting up to? Or the time traveling bit from the Forecast Manufacturer. And I guess, an actual introduction to the boys' mom and how/why she dipped out? Oh, and Scare Bear too, I reckon. Although, I'd prefer not knowing. It's more enjoyable that way to me.

I guess, my money's on the mom. Hank evidently already fucked off to go find her

I'm eager to see where Hank's storyline is going to take him and the whole Bobbi Saint Simone being the name of Hank and Dean's mom.
Yep waits are awful but the fandom is so chill compared to other bigger and more popular shit which lets this show get away with and exists in its own terms.
It continuously gets better.

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Yeah the mom thing is likely for next season, many people talk about Hank vs. Dean but I dont think they're going for that. Also Jonas's head being attached to something and returning to harass Rusty would be something I'd think would happen.

Back in season 5 or 6 Doc and Jackson said that they're not going for a big ending, as they want the show to be a snippet in between, a slice of life style, with no greater finale. Still, if they're planning on one, it's probably going to be one or two seasons more, maybe three if they go for a full(ish) ten seasons.

any news on the next season?

Anyone know where I can find the commentaries

1-6 seasons have a torrent going about.

it gets good in waves. the ghost on a ship ep is really good, but the courtroom ep (i think it's 11 or 10 in season 1) is when the show gets good and STAYS good.

yard sale is a great season 1 episode that doesn't spoil anything

>How far in does it get good?
For me it was episode 1. Maybe it just isn't your type of show, but I would recommend at least watching the whole first season before dropping it.

One of the most enjoyable commentaries to listen to.


I can't wait to watch the last episode of Venture Bros. when I'm 78 years old.

Season 1 is like an engine revving up, to me. Everything's firing in episode one, but it really starts going by the end of the season.


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>as fun but not as good as some people make it out to be
I really hate when people say this. What are some shows you would highly recommend?

I think he meant the "with commentary" part

This. The Pilot is a DVD extra and "Viva Los Muertos!" is the real pilot. Show proper begins with Gargantua-1

so who is the main man?

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rusty venture

I'll always be partial to the Orange County Liberation Front.

i fucking love how they wrote the monarch
>could have easily made him the butt of the joke every episode
>ends up being the character with the most going for him

All everyone wants is a job that is meaningful, a hot wife, and a best friend and the monarch has all three

you mean Dia de los Dangerous?