JSA Storytime: Transformers

Good evening owls and robofuckers,

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How are you owls tonight?

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Evenin', ST.

Stayed up all night with the fiancee. Not the fun way: she was having anxiety.


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took a walk, watered some things, made food, not bad

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Hello, Storyteller.

Oh if only Scarlet were to hop in Sentinel's unoccupied body and pilot it like fucking Ride Armor.

Fine. Coming to terms with my inner weeb.

What'd you make?

>face in bottom right foreground
Nickel's colony!

>Ride Armor

>Oh if only Scarlet were to hop in Sentinel's unoccupied body and pilot it like fucking Ride Armor.
Like classic Headmasters? Would have been cool.

why are bearded robots so fucking funny???


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>inner weeb
How so?

Hi OP.

One of the books I was reading had multiple pages describing how one of the main characters was into autoeroticism and I'm now seriously wondering about the author's kinks.

One of my cats committed a war crime and it's got me existentially uneasy

>Onyx Prime
Heeeeeeeeere we go.


I reread the first issue of Scout and forgot the monster is an owl monster

Working. So far it’s not the hell of the past few weeks but it’s early yet

did they shit on something in particular?

I usually end up knowing too much about an author's kinks, most people aren't good at hiding them

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>why are bearded robots so fucking funny???
Because robot hair is already silly enough.

>I want you to join me.
Oh, shut up.

How is it that Kirby had an entire game centered around Ride Armor, but Mega Man hasn't?

>most people aren't good at hiding them

For no reason reminded me I’m at the point in Xmen where the Reavers have a guy with like eye tentacles that mind/emotion control you

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I've always liked anime-esque stuff, but only recently did I start to realize how deeply ingrained it was. You know that worldbuilding project I occasionally bring up? Turns out despite my efforts, it just ends up being anime as fuck, and I can't really do anything about it. It just keeps happening. So, there's nothing to do but accept it, I guess.

If you'll recall the LOSH/X-Men crossover for a moment, and how this happened. Fucking Claremont.

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Fuckin' meatbags.

NGL, I find this stuff kind of hard to follow, the who did what and the whatnow

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Huh, it's kinda weird to see this book talking about Nickel.


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Mostly a side effect of Hasbro mandating that IDW shoehorn in all the Thirteen Primes shit. Doesn't help that Sentinel knows things he has no fucking way to know, like that Optimus blackmailed Soundwave or what happened to Nickel.

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>easily replaced
>the outlier who could read minds and had Superman-plus level senses
Yeah okay.

The old Primes betrayed each other, minicons used to be a thing but apparently aren't anymore(I think), and this somehow has something to do with Sentinel's plan, whatever it is.

To be perfectly honest, I don't really care. You know it's bad when the Earth stuff right now is preferable due to at least being coherent. G.I. Joe is attacking the remaining transformers on Earth. I'll take it over this pretentious asshole twirling his mustache at Optimus.

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Agreed. Lost Light space high jinks > stupid human shit > 13 Primes of Scooby Doo.

Wait, Nickel's a minicon? Huh. I guess that makes sense, actually.

was he at least a sexy chair?

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>13 Primes of Scooby Doo.
i would post a reaction image expressing laughter, but... storytime...