ITT: Comic books Hollywood will never fuck with

ITT: Comic books Hollywood will never fuck with.

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Atomic Robo is great. I get why people dismiss it as "Science Hellboy" but honestly the character stands out enough to be fun

Are you really invested in his extended cast of SUPER GENIUS STUDENTS?

It lost me after the first six volumes or so, but goddamn did I love Atomic Robo.

I'm sure having a non-human lead instantly crosses you off many lists in hollywood for adaptions. Lets be real the first thing they'd do is give Robo a mouth.

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No fuck that, It's overrated like most French comics.

Guess that goes double for Scud.

Never say never, lest the world betray you user

SCUD was gonna get an adaption on Adult Swim at one point. The creator is friends with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, I think they were pushing for it but something happened and it got shut down. The highest we got was a background cameo of SCUD in one of the cartoons.


Just Jenkins

Imagine if Disney or Illumination made an animated all ages movie

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Oh, this will totally get adapted eventually. It's a perfect general audiences type of IP

I liked it

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Was gonna say SiP, though really most of terry Moore's work weaves together genres too thoroughly to properly adapt.

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Usagi is getting an animated adaptation.

...well as long as I'm tempting the Netflix fates.

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I'm sorry.

SiP is a tv show. So is Rachel Rising. I could see Motor Girl as a film maybe.

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Would love to see it honestly, just because I'd want to see what Dave would do with millions of dollars cash in hand. Honestly it'd probably be some good comics.

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It's too autistic for movies. I could see it being a pretty fun animated series though.

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>>Adult Swim wrote to me a few weeks ago, but I think I fucked it up by telling them I'd have to retain all rights to the characters. There's no way I'm selling off control of this shit. I have way too many plans. I love the autonomy in comics so much.
>Hollywood could happen, but only an authentic version

Hanselmann is based

Does the cheetah have a penis?

Dunno if it's true, but I heard SiP was in the really early stages of development at HBO back when Spawn was airing. They were gonna do it as a cartoon, but the animation side of HBO shut down not long after.

If you pay Fred commission money, yes.

JTHM would honestly make for a pretty dope Stop-Motion movie.
I always though that it'd be interesting to see the exaggerated facial expressions done with clay or something. Jhonen's older styles would seem right at home with a few of Laika's movies.

I wish Laika would do an adult TV house at like Shudder or something.

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I would kill a man for an M, M & O show. Only if it had Aussie voices though.

not surprised they wrote, they can smell degeneracy miles away

I think I read that CW was interested in adapting Rachel Rising at one point too.

They know what sells.

I hate to think what kind of "womyn empowerment film" hollywood would turn this into if did try to adapt it. At bare minimum they would rewrite the story to have a "good ending" even if they didn't go full retard.

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