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>Danny Phantom
S01-S03 [DVD Rip]!YrR3CTaY!P2SCgzJDdosmVWHU4XvutQ

>Justice League Action.!hkFSATiI!aQpgkb54tEcaiznh_0bUDw

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Other urls found in this thread:!ud0kUQob!dSs7jwxD-Fkzh2U1-23dMw!uo1m1QhK!DeTvIGahcYJYFv8ztbYVdw!JWA0AKJS!8isBE7v-MrmSmdEebXFYig!5cdUUCiJ!XNd70uay3611PdQIQbT_Pw!wyYiyQyK!kZfs6qN-bBMGeYfy35BuBg!UyZkhIgI!U1tGAS7Z!1wE5m3UYlMZCxIQgEj-eZA!ZywTlbgC!uHi0_h8mqfroO0RlBN7c1Q!bjJHzIhI!MhAcjefI5ZB0aswO0XdnVg!K6B3GCoQ

how come these threads are so uncommon lately?

Requesting Big City Greens

Requesting Justice League/JLU

Requesting Green Eggs and Ham and Harvey Street Kids

Because nobody has crap. It's always just the same people posting the same garbage and begging for shows that aren't uploaded anywhere like a bunch of assholes.

Like this asshole!

Anyone have the Adult Swim Shin Chan? I know its a long shot but I figured I'd ask.

>yet another mega thread
>everyone requests but nobody uploads
>80% of the requests have been fulfilled months ago and can be searched in 2 seconds on desu
>the other 20% are the ebin latest movies that they refuse to torrent for some reason

What's desu?

Desu です is a Japanese copula. That means it's a word that grammatically links subjects and predicates. It's usually translated to English as "to be" or "it is.; every single Yas Forums post since about 2012.
Your MEGA is likely already there, so don't be a lazy retard and search before you request.

Thank you, user. This honestly should be included more to ease up on overusing the MEGA threads.

That all said, I only found one of what I've been searching for and the link's broken (figures). However I've asked in the past three MEGA threads before, and nobody seems to possess a collection on them.

Code Lyoko 576p PAL DVD Rips, higher quality than the amazon prime rips since those are cropped for artificial widescreen

Please i need Wordgirl mega , my son loves that show

Does anyone have the School for little Vampires MEGA? I found some links in the archives but they're all expired

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Been looking for there (which are not on Desu)

- Disney's Timon & Pumbaa
- A Pup Named Scooby-Doo (links expired)
- Taz-Mania (or at least just a link to a clean rip of the first episode. All I can find online are shit quality)

In the end, it seems easier to just go to kimcartoon and shit and watch your cartoons there.

The plain fact is that people who make requests don't look before asking. Too many people are trying to be welcoming so they help without considering the consequences, there's no need for them to try first.

A Pup Named Scooby Doo (1988)
season 1-4 480p dvdrip


1. Decode url at
2. Open file in Jdownloader2
3. If necessary, set rar archive password to: coflix

>constant buffering

does anyone have powerpuff girls

I mean I hate to be unhelpful but maybe Yas Forums does have kind of a point about this spoon feeding crap. It's pretty obvious when people haven't even tried to look.

Yeah. You can just look at anyone asking, pop over to any search engine and have it in 3 clicks tops. At the bare minimum if you're going to ask someone to post content for you, you should be contributing something or using one of the two request boards. Not that Yas Forums was ever good, but it's basically dead now because people just show up like starving dogs hoping to see tits. /ck/ is getting blown to shit by people who want to find out where they can buy ingredients. And these MEGA threads aren't doing any better. It isn't hard to find things online. It almost always takes as much effort to ask Yas Forums for it as it does to type it into a search bar.

Being helpful in this setting is a waste of time in the long run because people don't even waste the effort to be grateful.

Anyone got BatB?

Thanks so much, user! Really appreciate this

Requesting Pig Goat Banana Cricket!


Ducktales season 1 please!

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anyone got Steven Universe Season 4 ?

Cleopatra In Space: Animated Series and Comics!ud0kUQob!dSs7jwxD-Fkzh2U1-23dMw


Glitch Techs!JWA0AKJS!8isBE7v-MrmSmdEebXFYig

Tangled: The Series!5cdUUCiJ!XNd70uay3611PdQIQbT_Pw


Harley Quinn!U1tGAS7Z!1wE5m3UYlMZCxIQgEj-eZA

Kim Possible!ZywTlbgC!uHi0_h8mqfroO0RlBN7c1Q

Final Space!bjJHzIhI!MhAcjefI5ZB0aswO0XdnVg!K6B3GCoQ

Kipo and the age of Wonderbeast

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Anybody got the last season of Regular Show?

Do you have The Hollows?

Friendly reminder that prohibitions against spoonfeeding isn't gatekeeping or elitism, it's just making sure that people are putting in the minimum effort and not being a waste of everyone else's time. Anyone too lazy to put in the minimum effort shouldn't be helped period.

Spoonfeeding usually drives the quality of a board down as well. At least 25% of the threads on /vr/ are just people asking to be spoonfed videogame recommendations since they can't be bothered to google up a top 10/100 game list for the console. Both Yas Forums and /vr/ suffer from threads of people asking what they can expect from a game before they even start playing it since they are too lazy to google up a review or letsplay of the game. And the threads repeat over and over, since other lazy cunts ask the about the same game over and over since they are too lazy to google or even check the archives for the old threads.

I don't mind helping people, but the exact moment I notice the person I'm trying to help isn't putting in even basic effort, I lose all desire to help that person. People wanting to be spoonfed deserve nothing but scorn and contempt.