How would Yog-Sothoth fare in the DC/Marvel universes?

How would Yog-Sothoth fare in the DC/Marvel universes?

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TA Superman farts and Yoghmoth dies.
The End.

That's not what it's supposed to be aboot

A beached humpback whale might conceivably beat a toddler in a fight but you've taken both elements and thrown them together when that contradicts everything they're meant to be

Umr-At-Tawil speaks and deletes him.

>That's not what it's supposed to be aboot
What is it supposed to be about then?

Powerscale vs faggotry is the exact opposite. Lovecraft had a cosmos that you didn't understand, with entities you couldn't understand, and trying to do so would only bring you to a bad end

Then he really shouldn't have written anything trying to convey how powerful they are. Or at least for Yog


Dials go up to 11 in DC. Far too much Yog-Sothoth.

Yog-sothoth, not Yawgmoth

>unironically using the Dials meme
Anyway, see . Replace Superman with DC.

Superman can survive that.

He really can't. The only version that *arguably* could is Thought Robot. And Yog is above and beyond the Thought Robot in the same sense that a person is above a protozoa, so it doesn't matter.

Survived being deleted by Mr. Mxyz and Doctor Manhattan. Superman will do just fine.

Is literally never trying to actually get rid of him in any sense, and if he does bother, always does it slow enough that Supes can escape.

>Doctor Manhattan
Was countered by the Metaverse, not Superman himself. And the Metaverse is entirely irrelevant to Yog besides.

Gilgamesh solos

Not them (thank God) but Superman’s taken on antimatter energy and Omega Beams, not sure if erasing him could work, not even Time Trapper Prime could do it

By being coterminous with all of time and space, thus escaping detection by being the fabric of spacetime itself. Done. Next.

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King of Jobbers pls

yog is already part of marvel. He's one of the many angled ones who exist in the cancerverse.

>Jobber meme
Gilgamesh literally has the best win record in fate, secondary.

It's not really erasure. It's just that Tawil simply speaking is enough to collapse whole multiverses. Superman has died to less force thsn that.

If Yog proper cared, it could probably pull some erasure stuff, but it wouldn't.


Probably eaten by Shuma.

Go back to sleep, Marvelfags.

In the source material alone he jobs like 4 separate times.

Lovecraft shit is weak. All this implied BS nothing solid to back it up.

Lovecraft shit Gets beat by a Steamboat.

Cthulhu isn't even remotely relevant. That's the joke. For all that he gets hyped up, he's just as irrelevant to the greater powers as everyone else is.

I always compare the steamboat joke to when you get woken up by some annoying animal outside your house then go back to sleep.
Yeah it did some shit and you noticed, but it didn't actually hurt your or take any sort of action that would cause you to really respond besides an "Annoying ass cats" thought before passing back out.

Ah, I see. Makes sense.
First of all, Cthulhu is rather low on the totem pole, secondly, that was a ritual trying to wake him up before he just went back to sleep

But you don't got anything to bvb back that up.

No feats. No power. Just weak willed scholars, and mad cults.

No real displays of power.

Pathetic is the god that must assure all who encounter it that it is a god, and weak is the being that does naught but sing its strength. There is power in old things. Especially things that were ancient when the world was young.